термолифтингTermolifting as one of the most significant discoveries of other methods of hardware cosmetology, enabling you to save and return of lost youth and beauty. This term has several synonyms, more often it is called Thermage, or radio frequency radio wave lifting. The technique, which is in the basis of lifting, was opened in the beginning of the twentieth century and during all the following years, it was supplemented, improved, expanding the range of its capabilities.


What is termolifting

The lifting is a cosmetic procedure with a pronounced effect tightening of the skin and tissues, which allows many experts speak about it as about an alternative method of lifting using a traumatic and invasive procedures. The lifting is the ordered deep influence on the skin and tissues by means of high-frequency current. Penetrates the skin, radio wave provides intense stimulating effect, creating a draining effect, removing excess fluid, accelerating metabolic processes.

The flow of heat, which emits RF device, awakens to life “tired” fibroblasts and fibroblast, which are responsible for the synthesis of new proteins and disposal of damaged joints. The result is powerful renewal of collagen-elastin skeleton skin, restructuring tissues that leads to healthier skin from the inside. The effect of lifting can be noted already after the first procedure, which makes it especially desirable method for those who need urgent rejuvenation.


Types of lifting

Termolifting differs not so much on the evidence, on how many devices on which it is held. It is impossible to put an equal-sign between lifting and Thermage, as is often mistakenly make even cosmetic clinics. Thermage is just the kind of termolifting, which has won wide recognition and dissemination rather because of its simplicity, being one of the first tests of this type of radio frequency of.

Family termolifting can be divided into the unipolar, bipolar and tripolar depending on the number of electrodes used in the system. Each of the methods has its advantages, disadvantages associated mainly with the first two types, for which the necessary system AC cooling to avoid burns.


Monopolar termolifting

Thermage or monopolar the lifting is carried out on the ThermaCool device. During the procedure the skin lead showerhead with a single electrode through which penetrates deep into the skin of the generated by the device of radio frequency energy. In order to avoid thermal shock occurs skin treatment with a cooling spray. Radio wave penetrates the skin is at a certain depth, but it does not guarantee the absence of discomfort during the procedure, that is connected with the individual features of the structure and sensitivity of the skin.


Bipolar termolifting

Bipolar termolifting has a milder effect on tissue. Also called lifting Aluma, AIRgent or ReAction, it is held on the devices, allowing to combine the RF and vacuum effect, narrowing the scope of processing and reducing side effects. Maniple for this type of lifting with two electrodes placed at a small distance from each other. These electrodes are literally clamped between a limited section of the tissue, providing magnificent draining effect, restoring skin elasticity, smoothness, eliminating congestion, now struggling with cellulite, body fat, uneven skin turgor.


Tripolar termolifting

Tripolar termolifting is radio frequency lifting of the third generation. It is held on the devices Israeli company Pollogen, which are developed taking into account the need of correction of different problems on the face and body, combining different technologies. Tripolar termolifting involves processing of three electrodes emitting radio waves of different length and frequency devices of this type do not require cooling systems and shows for clients with high sensitivity to temperature regimes.

The great advantage of a tripolar lifting is a choice of device and options that allow processing with emphasis on tightening the skin, lymphatic drainage, reduction of wrinkles, as the stimulation of muscle tissue, and without touching.

Termolifting for many years considered to be an alternative to surgical correction of age changes and modeling of the body contours.

Radio frequency or RF-lifting really has a wide range of applications, allowing you to return the face and body, the youth, and the figure is slim. It is only important to resort to this procedure in the absence of contraindications, picking the most secure methods, which include almost imperceptible tripolar lifting.


Contraindications to the lifting

Among contraindications to any of the types of lifting:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute infectious and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • fever, fever;
  • serious pathology of heart and vessels (ischemia, heart failure, hypertension, venous disorders, thrombosis, experienced heart attacks and strokes);
  • lesion of urogenital system, chronic kidney disease;
  • that the tissue implants, as with cosmetic and therapeutic purposes (a pacemaker, Golden threads, drugs contouring in the place of processing);
  • skin lesions on the proposed site processing (eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, allergic rash);
  • pathology of the nervous system (such as epilepsy).

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