терракотовый цвет в одеждеTerracotta color in clothing is becoming more relevant every new cold season. If the onset of spring we opened romance pink and cheerfulness orange, it is in the fall we open the closet to replenish his clothes deep terracotta colour. It seems that this shade reflects the essence of autumn with its rich colors. This color is amazingly beautiful, but complex at the same time, so wearing it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Terracotta color is really very ambiguous, because so many claim to it. It’s warm, cozy, not as hysterical as his nearest relative of the orange, not as dangerous as its “parent” red. Terracotta does not involve neon options, it refers to the muted range of colours. Its name refers to his essence: terra “earth”, so the color looks natural, Recalling ceramics, unfired clay bricks. Terracotta is a shade of red, but unlike him, and orange, he blends in clothes with muted colors, warm shades paler variants of orange, brown, almost never combined with cool colours or making them stylish unions only in exceptional cases and in small dosages.


Who is Terra cotta color

Terracotta color like very much, because he is loved and appreciated for naturalness. Despite the fact that it looks natural and natural, is it not for everyone, and many can spoil the complexion and add age.

Most terracotta color in clothing suitable for people autumn color type that have a warm skin tone and hair color with rusty color. Calm terracotta highlights brown eyes, especially in combination with makeup in the same colours, highlights the shade of hair to blend with it.

In addition to red-haired, muffled quiet terracotta is mostly shade brunettes, especially dark-skinned by nature or tanned. Noble terracotta emphasizes tan and glow of the skin, so it is almost always ideal for both evening and everyday images of women of the southern type.

Blondes lucky not so much because of the dark or muted terracotta shade risks to make their appearance faded, pulling all attention to himself. The spring type is better to give preference to a more bright and vivid versions of red-orange, while blondes summer color type, with fair skin and ashy shades of hair, terracotta in any form may not be suitable. However, everything depends on the case and from the garment.


Terracotta dresses

Dress terracotta able to become self-sufficient element of the image that does not require additional accessories. Mini dress saturated shade of terracotta straight silhouette is the epitome of style courreges adopted in the sixties. Particularly impressive these dresses look great with contrasting trim in black or white on the edge of the skirt and bodice with straight wide straps.

Terracotta dress with the smell of knee length or just below will allow you to create a minimalist feminine image in the style of the seventies. With it you can create a total look, adhering to the brown-orange range. For example, by wearing the boots to the knee or court shoes at steady heel genuine leather natural brown color, complementing the style large leather bag or a wide leather belt. All the same goes for dress-shirts of the same color, which will appeal to women, who adore style Safari.

Dresses made of translucent fabrics terracotta color will be a luxurious choice for formal outfit. This can be a dress uniform, with a light and unobtrusive pleated, with brown or black leather accessories.

Just be careful, you should approach the selection of terracotta dresses and blouses from shiny fabrics of satin and silk. They can add extra pounds, so you should keep the balance between the gloss of the fabric, shades of terracotta and tailoring.

If you have a curvaceous, refuse terracotta lights, preferring matte fabrics and dark colors. Combine shade with neutral, trying problematic area of the body clothed in black or dark shades of blue, green or brown. Terracotta leave for a bright accent as an evasive maneuver.


Outerwear terracotta color

Autumn in law comes outerwear, which many rightly pay attention to more than what is under it. If you are terracotta color, consider for themselves the cloak trench coat smooth design or leather jacket terracotta color.

These details outerwear combined with clothes of similar colors – warm shades of green (khaki, olive), brown (chocolate, beige, sand, coffee with milk), as well as with neutral black and dark blue. The last variants universal. Leather jacket terracotta color can be put on a black suit, combined with dark blue jeans and coats to put on a little black dress options out of time and completely safe.


Combinations with other colors

In addition to harmonious combinations with related himself with shades of brown, with neutral for him black, dark blue and clear white, terracotta color is not so much of the appropriate spectral combinations. What lies on the surface – shades of a family Safari. Be aware that if you want to create a beautiful and harmonious image, color it should be balanced in tone, that is, terracotta shade should not greatly vary with the included hacks or dusty beige.

Another good ally terracotta and grey. If you choose this combination, it is best grey to do the Foundation and terracotta – additional shade for clothing or accessories. So grey knitted dress looks great with a brown strap and footwear and terracotta with a trench coat on top.

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