тайские таблетки для снижения веса

Various Thai diet pills have started to appear on the domestic market in the late 90-ies. Then these pills and capsules target audience was seen as a miracle cure. Indeed, the reception results were simply stunning – there is not wanted, there was unprecedented vigor, weight went quickly. But in every barrel there is a fly in the ointment, and in these Asian products it has become one secret component.

What is the terrible secret of Thai tablets for weight loss?

It’s important that not only the importation into our country real Thai tablets, but also exported from the territory of the production is prohibited. Local medicine keeps its secrets carefully. So let’s talk about that consume the lover of light and has an extremely fast weight loss. These pills are manufactured in clandestine factories in Asian countries, or somewhere very close to us. And these drugs Thailand has nothing.

Distributors of “magic” pills claim that their all-natural and consisting mainly of extracts of herbs that have cleansing, choleretic, diuretic and laxative effect. For example, the tool Ve-fit consists of only two components of green tea and black pepper. Part of the popular IBS and “Bears” more secret. Roughly it looks like this:

  • Garcinia cambogia;
  • Mundania;
  • an extract of the herb Senna;
  • chrysanthemum Indian;
  • tinospora cordifolia;
  • syt round;
  • extract of Valerian;
  • aspartame.

The last ingredient is a sweetener, the rest is really grass as familiar and exotic. But how can a harmless plants and their extracts to lose 10-15 kg a month? It is possible, but with the help of another component, which delicately silent mysterious manufacturers. More research showed that the Thai diet pills contain derivatives of amphetamine, namely substance fenfluramin. So the consequences of its use can be very unpredictable.

Maybe some people are lucky and party pills are really common herbaceous bad. It happens either. You will certainly lose weight, because when buying given detailed instructions, where it is recommended to follow a diet and exercise. And that in itself gives a good result. In the same annotation painted, when and how much multi-colored capsules to take, because their number is considerable – from 3 to 13 units per day.

“Good girl” Lida and others

Widely known capsules Lida, who are renowned for their revolutionary slimming effect by reducing the appetite is not quite Thai tablets. Their releases Chinese company DALI and puts sibutramine – another derivative of the same amphetamine. But Lida, as superpopular means, very often counterfeited. There are approximately 20 clones of this drug, including Thai “self made”, which accounts for almost 85 % of fakes.

Another Asian proposal, several shocking – capsules containing larvae of the worms. Swallow the pill, washed down with water, the shell dissolves, the process went. In the body begins to develop an “alien”, which absorbs everything that you eat and even more. Thus, your body does not absorb fats and carbohydrates, which could turn into body fat. Included to this drug offers another capsule, which is designed to kill the monster. But it doesn’t always work, and worms continue to eat you from the inside.

похудение по-тайски с помощью глистов

Contraindications and side effects

Actually, it is strange to talk about the contraindications to the use actually psychotropic substances. But still worth to highlight these common conditions such as pregnancy and lactation period, diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, diabetes. But much more interesting looks like the list of side effects that occur even in perfectly healthy people who want to improve their appearance with the help of Thai tablets:

  • sleep disorders, anxiety, anxiety, depression;
  • dizziness, fatigue, weakness;
  • dehydration, dry mouth;
  • tachycardia, pain in the heart;
  • nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea;
  • hair loss, poor condition of nails, skin, teeth;
  • the enlarged liver, pain in the kidneys;
  • rapid weight gain after withdrawal of the drug.

Impressive, isn’t it? The thing is that the derivative of amphetamine, besides the fact that my alserstrasse effect on the body (primarily, of course suffers from liver, and at the same time and the nervous system), are addictive. In this case, as in the case of drugs, one only need one or two doses, while others will need more time. When dependence and the absence of capsules will be withdrawal symptoms, aggression, apathy, lack of appetite, brutal famine.

Where to buy and at what price?

When buying Thai tablets for weight loss you will not be asked to show the recipe, because pharmacies do not sell them. Official medicine, and our laws do not recognize these pills. Yes, their main active component since 2000 is included in the list No. 1 potent substances. As for the distribution, acquisition and possession of fenfluramine facing real jail time.

Despite this Thai tablets are available in the Internet. Also you can buy them by advertisement in the Newspapers. The cost of dangerous purchases depends on the intensity of the composition and duration of the course. Get ready to part with quite a substantial amount, which can range from 6 to 40 thousand rubles. And don’t forget to immediately add here the price of treatment which you will likely then will need.


Maria, 25 years. After birth, gained weight, really wanted to lose weight. With diets I can’t get off all the time. Heard about Thai tablets, but was afraid to try. Then finally decided and bought the “Bears”. Chose to start an easy course for a month. The result is excellent, for the first week went 5 kg For the next days is about the same. Felt good, only sweated heavily and wanted to drink. Six months later, came back 2 kg, but I’m happy with.

Nina, 33 years. Are drugs for suicide! Even though the law prohibits to sell that stuff, silly creatures still manage to get her. Think about all of this! The roof goes, kidneys down, the frantic pulse. While he took heart was beating so hard that he almost jumped out. For three weeks I lost 11 kg, but it was not the beauty, of which I dreamed. Hair to fall out much nails are in a terrible condition, leather, earthy colors, circles under the eyes (had 2 days without sleep, and that’s the result). And if earlier the strength from somewhere, was taken, after reception of tablets comes complete apathy and indifference to the environment, alternating with sudden bursts of aggression.

Marina, 37 years. Recently vacationing in Thailand. Asked pills for weight, the guide advised the hospital of St. Carlos. There are very polite doctors. I picked up the course of 6 months. Just because pills can’t be bought, only personally, and after visiting the doctor and his prescription. For three months significantly reduced, not to sweet pulls, eat a little. I don’t see where on the Internet so much these tablets, if even in Thailand they are not in the free market.


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