талассотерапияOne of the most popular and favorite by women all over the world procedures for self-care is currently thalassotherapy. And it is no coincidence – this method combines high efficiency and a pleasant effect of relaxation. What you need to know about thalassotherapy in the first place?


Sea guard health

The name of thalassotherapy in translation from Greek means “treatment by the sea”. And the title is fully justified: to ensure that procedures are actively used sea water and salt, mud and algae, plankton extracts, and much more. All components, which are used for wrapping, taken exclusively in ecologically clean areas. Due to its healing properties, thalassotherapy helps to nourish and moisturise the skinretains its natural smoothness and elasticity, effectively cleanses the skin and removes toxins from it. The result is improved not only the appearance of the skin, but it increases immunity, resistance to stress and infections.

The term “thalassotherapy” was first coined by a doctor from France de La Boarder. Today thalassotherapy involves a whole range of different procedures that can offer anyone the best resorts in the world.


For whom is the thalassotherapy

It’s no secret that sea water is a valuable source of various minerals, which include calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron. We should also mention the benefits of seaweed, which, accumulating in itself nutrients that can easily make up for their deficiency in the body. The most valuable in cosmetology are brown algae.

Thalassotherapy is effective for both men and women of any age. These treatments can quickly improve a person’s appearance, but also has a beneficial effect on his health.

Thalassotherapy is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as the composition of human blood plasma is identical to that of sea water.

The main components used for the implementation of thalassotherapy treatments are natural seaweed. Mainly, it’s leafy kelp, as well as specially designed mineralizirovannye drugs, which are fucus and laminaria.


The role of thalassotherapy in cosmetology and medicine

Thalassotherapy treatments give your skin deep hydration and nutrition. Restoration, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the tissues, the accumulation of nutrients. The upper Horny layer of the skin moisturised and refreshed much faster under the influence of sea salt, becomes supple and elastic. Thalassotherapy is also widely used to combat excess weight, and also to simulate the contours of the body. Because thalassotherapy usually complemented by specially selected diet and personalised treatments, the first results to tell me after quite a short time. Some patients, for example, the weight loss is from one to three pounds per week.

Thalassotherapy treatments are used not only in the field of cosmetology. They are quite often prescribed in the complex of rehabilitation measures after surgery (including plastic), traumas, as well as to restore the body after pregnancy and childbirth.

Observed beneficial effects of thalassotherapy and also on the nervous system. Thalassotherapy effectively cope with stress and many other emotional disorders, returning them to the person calm and confidence.

These procedures significantly improve the metabolism, speeding it up on average by 10-15%. Many benefits, they also bring the respiratory system: it is observed that Maritime climate noticeably improves the condition of the respiratory organs, expanding lung capacity and a beneficial effect on alveolo-capillary exchange. In the coastal areas of the body quickly freed from toxins than where the air is dry.

Effect thalassotherapy and on the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation and helping the heart muscle. The number of red blood cells with regular use of these procedures increases on average by ten percent. Restores the balance of phosphorus and calcium due to the fact that the body reduces the loss of these substances. Increases strength and endurance of muscles.


Contraindications to the use of thalassotherapy

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, thalassotherapy has its limitations and contraindications. The main limitation is hyperthyroidism. When hyperthyroidism thalassotherapy can bring the body harm.

Thalassotherapy is also not recommended for people suffering from any chronic diseases in the acute stage. Healthy people before you begin any of the procedures does not hurt to consult your doctor to determine possible contraindications.


Advantages and disadvantages of thalassotherapy

Among the advantages of thalassotherapy can safely be attributed to a wide range of diseases and disorders which may be corrected using this method, as well as a rather short list of contraindications and limitations. Thalassotherapy easily be combined with trips to the seaside or a family holiday. Also thalassotherapy includes a list of procedures for self-care, from which one can choose the most attractive. You can also use the services on the selection of individual programs, consisting of the most useful and enjoyable procedures.

The main disadvantage of procedures is their high cost and the necessity of departure to sea coast to implement most of them. However, some procedures, for example, baths with sea salt or wraps with seaweed, it is possible to make yourself at home.

Maria Bykova

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