чем разбавить тушь для ресницThan dilute mascara, if it is discovered dead in precisely the wrong moment? The ink does not paint the lashes, leaving lumps. Of course, any makeup artist will recommend from such carcasses immediately to get rid and buy a new one. But there are emergency cases when it is necessary, however, and emergency measures to rescue. Dilute the ink can, but keep in mind that after such manipulation is no guarantee that the ink will not flow, and that you will not have an allergic reaction to its new members.


What not to dilute the dried ink

Never dilute the ink with saliva. To some it seems this method is simple and safe, even more so did our mothers and grandmothers. Spit on the brush and then dip it into the tube and paint the eyes dangerous. In the mouth we have a huge number of bacteria do not want you to have all of them in high concentrations fall into the eye, causing serious inflammation of the eyelid.

You cannot dilute the ink with plain water from the tap. It contains chlorine and impurities of various metals, which will not benefit from such a sensitive area such as the eyes. Sometimes advise instead of plain water to apply boiled, but the difference will not be great. In boiled water can also contain impurities, scale, therefore it is better to find a cleaner option for cultivation.

Many thought comes to dilute the ink with an oil consistency, so the ink will not leak, as it happens when diluted with water, will have a thick texture and it would be better to stay on the lashes. Add the vegetable oil in the ink even in the number one drops, it is strongly not recommended. Mascara can curl up, and you will not be able to apply evenly, but the greater harm will get the eye. Oily texture and odor irritate the mucous membranes of the eye and ages, therefore it is not necessary to take such a risk. There are more effective and less controversial ways of cultivation of the carcass.


Mineral water

Mineral water will be a good alternative to the normal flow or boiled. It is clean, its composition does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, and to ensure good tolerability eyes, choose non-carbonated water.


Liquid for removing makeup from the eyes

If you color your eyes resistant decorative funds on your beauty shelf can be up liquid make-up remover. To use it for cultivation carcasses only if it is hypoallergenic and has no sharp aroma or potentially irritating ingredients. Approach can fluid for sensitive skin, Allergy – its composition is very gentle on the delicate skin of the eyelids, which means that the mascara it can not hurt.


Eye drops

чем разбавить тушь для ресницEye drops can be used not only directly, but also to extend their functionality. They are completely safe as a liquid for diluting the carcass, but the security can be quite conditional.

Unlike cosmetics and mineral water, eye drops are medications, and their lifespan is very limited. If you are not using disposable bottles drops and purchase vial capacity, designed for continuous use, remember that open a bottle you can use no more than two to three weeks. So, if you have dried ink, and you found an old bottle of eye drops, do not rush to use them. Possible harm to override the apparent safety of the structure.


Fluid storage and cleaning of contact lenses

This fluid, along with drops for eyes is a leader in security requirements with liquid, which can dissolve the ink. If it stores contact lenses are soaked in it, worn on the eyeball, then for the eyes it is completely safe and breeding there are no contraindications and risks.


How to dissolve mascara

Dilute the ink, pouring the liquid directly into the tube, it is not necessary. In order to paint eyelashes once, you will need to drip a few drops on the brush, dip it in the tube, a little move as a piston, and immediately paint the eyelashes.

The dried mascara should be thrown away because it has served its time, it has accumulated germs, and breeding carcasses other liquids with subsequent storage means, as a minimum dangerous from the point of view of hygiene. Besides, raised ink never compare their properties with fresh natural. Use it if the situation is hopeless, but then throw them away and buy new.

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