Together with the onset of winter pores parents main question is: what buy your child for the winter? Simple answer is no, and can not be. Because everything depends on the age of the child, his temperament and financial resources of the parents. But if you follow some of the recommendations, shopping becomes a headache to mom and dad.

Что купить ребенку на зиму?
Market of goods for children presented a huge assortment, so everyone will find what he needs. It is desirable to buy winter clothes together with the child. Because different models on all the children sit in different ways, and you can make a mistake by buying a «by eye». By the way, if you buy winter clothes in advance, you can save decently, because many stores provide discounts for children’s goods.

There are two main types of winter outer clothing for children:

  • costumes, including a jacket and jump suit or pants. This option is very practical, so as usual on his trousers and sleeves there are large lapels, which can be expanded, when the child grows up. Too fat suit is not worth taking. The child, of course, it does not freeze, but actively move will not be able to. Modern heat insulation (изософт, тинсулейт, холофайбер) are characterized by low thermal conductivity and small thickness. Winter clothes with such insulation is very light and warm. You can choose jacket, it’s still very warm. But products from down require delicate garments and care, long dry;
  • combined overalls are comfortable, even when the most active games, whether the child will be closed. Fillers can also be different. This option is perfect if your child is small and most of the time walking conducts in a wheelchair;

Winter shoes

For winter pores child is better to buy two pairs of shoes. If a baby is active, loves to play games, the membrane boots are great. They are warm and not get wet, you can even wear it in the slush. For severe frosts need shoes warmly. It can be felt boots with a heater or boots, warm fleece of wool;

Hats, mittens
Что купить ребенку на зиму?3
When buying hats need to watch until it is flush against the child’s head. Ears and forehead must be closed. Winter hats should be insulated (synthetic materials or sheepskin). Very comfortable and practical, hats, helmets, they close their neck, have additional inserts on forehead and ears. Mittens is better to take waterproof. Very comfortable mittens-legging. They have elasticised cuffs, wrapped on a sleeve. No wind and snow are not afraid.

Meeting winter, do not forget about the various attributes for Hiking: sleds, boats, «cheesecake», snowmobiles.

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