Experienced professional nail service go a long way, before you opt for a particular brand, providing care for hands and nails. Speaking on the fact that qualitative indicators wins natural cosmetics Moscow in this respect goes a step ahead of all other cities. Because Muscovite prefer natural remedies rather than products of the “mass market”.

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Cheap cream and a nail file to conquer many beginners because of its accessibility and nice prices, while for the brush of the nail from the wood still had to hunt. Plus practice shows that cheap materials and tools are not suitable even for study.

For anybody not a secret that the nail business is a good way to earn, because such activity is quite cost-effective. Therefore, beginners to masters better care of their reputation and to give preference to environmental funds.

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What should be in the starting set of the wizard?

For inexperienced and novice individuals the shopping list comes in handy. Before you start your business, you need to buy the following:

  1. Disinfector and sterilizers. Here it is worth remembering that for tools and hands of a specialist they are different. You’ll also need the capacity to store purified clippers and blades.
  2. Manicure tools: scissors, saws and polishers. They can be extended depending on the activities.
  3. Supplies: gel, lacquer, acrylic, cotton pads and natural cosmetics .
  4. Electrical equipment: UV or LED lamp.

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With this starter set, even the young specialist looks professional who knows his business. And trust from clients is guaranteed to be more!

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