Thanks to the healthy lifestyle, tea from year to year becomes more and more popular drink. The recognized value, rich composition of useful elements, as well as toning and taste of tea ensure him the love of millions of people on the planet. According to statistics, tea occupies the second place in terms of the use of the water. And buy any class or kind of tea today in the specialized points of sales – shops and tea shops.
Что предлагают магазины чая
In our time no surprise exotic grape drink, because it is freely possible to buy in a place like tea shop. They are specially created and opened, to focus on one area, the entire range (or almost all) of tea products. In short, this is done for convenience of the buyer, not forgetting about the commercial aspect of this business.

Usually the point of tea sales are on the small areas in crowded shopping malls or occupy separate rooms. In any case, try to install them in places with high traffic. There are virtual tea stalls, successfully competing with the «real» shops. Usually their assortment is more diverse and abundant in unique, expensive tea varieties.
Что предлагают магазины чая1
In addition to the tea itself, in the shops there are and related accessories. Almost always these are the subjects (sets) for tea, including dishes for welding and drinking. They are added with interesting cans for storage tea, exclusive gift sets, cups of different materials (ceramics, исинской clay, of celadon hotel, glass). For true fans wide choice of tools: pliers, knives, mats, coasters, strainer, spoons, thermometers for tea and symbolic statuettes. And in boutiques can be found in-chief of «tea» accessory – shepherd.

Article publication date: October 30, 2013

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