Nail designs known since ancient times. Women willingly used them in Ancient China. It is used to enhance the beauty of hands of women and to hide her minor flaws. In our days, this kind of cosmetic is very popular, as a wizard there are many ways to decorate nails. The most common methods of design include art painting, aquarium design, photography, three-dimensional design, French nail design gel Polish here. When the art of painting on the existing lacquer is applied the paint, aquarium design build in artificial nails, mixing acrylic with the base of the nail, while photography on the nail applied to the image a special printer, with the French regrown part of the nail and of the plate covered with different colors of lacquer.
гель лак для ногтей 4
Design nail gel lacquer is to cover the surface of the nail plate with a special composition, which undergoes polymerization only in the ultraviolet rays. There are many options the application of the base coating and top layers. This diversity and made a nail design gel Polish popular.
Маникюр с применением гель лака
Having studied the tastes of the person the wizard chooses a method of nail decoration, evaluating its advantages and disadvantages. Using gel nail Polish because it is practical in application, easy to apply, it has no sharp odor, a lot of options of design and colors, no harmful ingredients, it strengthens nails, is used for both natural and artificial nails, can be used for pedicure and manicure. The disadvantages of the use of the method include the acquisition of special means of removing the coating, the formation of a gap near the cuticle and the subsequent correction of design, high cost, the need for assistive devices or facilities.
Как украсить ноготки с помощью гель лака?
Thus, the design of nails gel lacquer has the advantage of simplicity and usability, universality of application, but it is more expensive than other methods, requires adjustments and auxiliary AIDS. In addition to the gel nail art design with gel varnish, the wizard requires a finish tool, a means to remove grease, set of colored lacquers, UV lamp, lamp for drying.
Каковы плюсы и минусы гель-лака?1
The design with the coating gel varnish can be any, it is important to choose a good color combination. How to apply gel Polish when you put the way you can discover in numerous Internet pages.

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