Attention to nails and toes, no less important than caring hands. Translated from the French, pedicure means care of feet feet. This procedure includes getting rid of calluses, exfoliation, buffing of the nails.

Orderly fashion nails on Rokach and feet, Kaida woman raises not only your mood, but also self-esteem. Takin way to stremitsja to idealnom way: doing hair and strives to visdit stylish. Latest trend — the vest garment leather for clothes. Sewing dresses, skirts or pant suits products from leather sheepskin ensures warmth, comfort, practicality and a stylish look.

With the onset of summer, a visit to a beauty salon for women becomes particularly relevant. Wear open shoes does not make sense, if the feet are not maintained. Healthy and beautiful nails on your toes, talking about good manners. We need to remember this not only in summer but also at other times of the year.

What is included in services pedicure

Typically, such a procedure makes one a specialist in manicure and pedicure.

  • Warm baths for the feet;
  • In hot water the skin will soften and better cleansed of the stratum corneum. Baths with soap and water, use 10 – 12 minutes;
  • Eliminating coarse particles of the skin;
  • With a nail file and blade, cleaned of barnacles and corns are not only the sole toes, but the heel;
  • Cuticle treatment;
  • Steamed and softened butter cuticle is trimmed or extended to the base of the nail plate;
  • Massage fingers (this procedure is optional, it relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation);
  • Shaping the nails ( nail should be almond shaped, not longer than a finger, sometimes a square or rectangular shape, if it won’t interfere with walking in shoes. Boca nail rasp is not recommended);
  • Varnish (spray can prevent brittle nails also serve as a decoration. There is the traditional varnish of different textures and modern method of decoration using a special technology, it features high resistance to wear);
  • Extension ( if you want to hide a defect or to change the shape of the nail, then the nail can be extended).

Care at home

The feet need careful handling, you can use the baths. When sweating feet to prevent fungus added to the water baking soda or sea salt.

Tone up and eliminate the smell, baths with a decoction of herbs or a few drops of any essential oil. The feet to do massage, rubbing in the cream.

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