Банановая диета

On the calorific value of bananas known to all. These fruits are often visible in the list of prohibited products for those who are beginning to struggle with excess weight. Meanwhile, exotic and many favorite fruit is not always throw from your diet. You just need to use them wisely, then the positive results will follow. That’s the banana diet, the effectiveness of which some have questioned, has a shape in a very good effect. What is the reason?

What is the secret?

Actually bananas contains a lot of vitamins and mineral substances. This and vitamins strong, and vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium, and sodium, and iron, and calcium. The delicate yellow pulp are also tannin, pectin, fiber, proteins and «useful» carbohydrates. From such noble composition follows the first useful property of tropical fruit – improve mood, followed by increased efficiency. It’s an antidepressant not worse chocolate, and stress «stick» them useful than a piece of cake. In addition, product launches mechanisms of self-purification of the body, but only if it is regular (daily) use.

The important role of bananas in the diet for weight loss lies in the fact that they contribute to the removal of excess fluid. And it was the excess of water in intercellular space is often the root cause of the appearance of excess weight, not fat. So that short-banana mono-diet help to those who suffer from swelling – this method allows to normalize water-salt metabolism in the body.

Rough fibres, referred to as the fiber is not digested in the large intestine, but as a sponge and absorb toxins accumulating on its walls. Therefore, with the help of diet bananas to improve the functioning of the digestive tract and conduct an effective cleaning of the organism. An additional advantage of this method of weight loss fruit will help improve the condition of the skin, stimulating the renovation of its surface layer.

Fit to remember that bananas will certainly be included in the diet of people professionally engaged in sports. Fruits help to increase muscle mass and stabilize energy metabolism. However, with strict, unbalanced diet these exotic fruits of physical activity is better to forget. Shows these fruits in diseases of the urinary system, liver dysfunction, stomatitis. Such patients, doctors often prescribe regular fasting days bananas.

Despite its favor, bananas very long time to digest and inhibit the flow of bile, which promotes the increase of gas in the gut. Therefore fruits you should eat slowly and chew. In no case take eaten the fruit of the water immediately and give it to «work» in the body of at least half an hour. And because bananas promote blood clots, a diet them is prohibited with thrombophlebitis. Another contraindication is diabetes.

Options diet

Diet for 3 days. This short term technique will help get rid of 3,5 kg Way is hard enough, so not everyone will find the strength to see it through. The menu of the day consists of three bananas and three glasses of milk with a low percentage of fat. All products divide the desired number of meals, because it is purely individual. So, one is easier to eat smaller portions, but often, others – Vice versa. If you want, you can make a fruit and milk cocktail, using a blender.

Because bananas are actively rid the body of water, it is necessary to compensate for its losses. To avoid dehydration drink «light» liquid – drinking water, unsweetened green tea, non-carbonated mineral water (несоленую). Just a day you should take at least 1.5 litres (other than milk). If you have an Allergy to milk protein, use the analogue of this technique – diet on banana and 1 %kefir. By the way, if the milk product add a little cinnamon, a drink will be perfectly numb the feeling of hunger.

Diet for 7 days. A more gentle way to lose weight, but it requires persistence, patience and willpower. Every day for a week allowed to eat up to 1.5 kg of bananas. Day included in the diet of one egg or 2-3 quail. Liquid drink can be the same as the previous version – drinking and mineral water, green tea. At the end of the diet, you can expect a plumb line will be from 4 to 6 kg

Cottage cheese and banana. The duration of such a method of weight loss is determined individually. You can carry out unloading and three days, and four, and five, but more than a week to sit on such a meager menu is not recommended. It is important to drink a day not less than 1.5 litres of liquid (tea, water, mineral water). Classic diet diet on cottage cheese and banana looks as follows.

Odd days:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese (120 g), any fruit except banana
  • lunch: cottage cheese (120 g), vegetables salad
  • dinner: cottage cheese (120 g), grapefruit

Even days:

  • Breakfast: banana, natural yoghurt/yogurt/milk
  • lunch: 2 bananas, 1 egg
  • dinner: 2 bananas, lean beef (200 g)


Galina, 31. As usual, decided to start a new life on Monday. On the eve got beautiful, large, fragrant bananas. The first two days kept, everything was fine. Minus 1.5 kg. But today I coasting сварганила home sandwich with sausage. And eat it! Here and away we go! Stop your appetite I could not. Now, I think there is no sense to herself. Ain очечного Monday.

Valya, 28 years. Not regularly, but occasionally sit on a three-day milky-banana diet. The body has become accustomed to my «pranks», so much hunger I do not feel. Actually this is very useful. Not only because I quickly be reset 1,5-2 kg of Bananas are really useful – after such a discharge my problems disappear with a chair, and no laxative teas is not necessary.

Anastasia, 29 years. And I when I need to quickly lose weight, use another menu. For Breakfast I eat two bananas, lunch, two apples, and for dinner two fresh cucumber. All these products are famous for their nutritional properties, so the effect can not but rejoice. The day I lose up to 1.5 kg. If I’m really, really need it the second day I eat the same thing. But no longer. The main thing is to drink more water or green tea.

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