To look at 100% you need to take care of themselves. In this care also need to enable the care of hands. For professional care, there are beauty salons. But do not always have the opportunity of visiting it, and sometimes because of lack of time.
Основные нюансы домашнего маникюра
To create a good manicure can take advantage of professional services at home. For example, they can be offered from hand to hand the newspaper Ufa, pages which have a large number of ads. Again, this is not always possible to use such services.
Most will be able to find a small amount of time and do hand care home in a tranquil setting. It may be much better and cheaper than salon treatments. Most importantly, know little rules.

  1. Before you start working, you need to clean your nails and wash your hands. The skin must be completely clean without any cream or other means.
  2. No need to do a manicure in the dark or in poor light. You can damage your skin.
  3. When filing the nail file should only move in one direction.
  4. The cuticle and burrs can not be cut down! The cuticle enough to push orange stick, and burrs grease cream.
  5. It is not recommended to adjust the length of your nails with scissors to prevent delamination. Better just to file.
  6. Основные нюансы домашнего маникюра

  7. The skin on the hands needs to be wet. Don’t forget to do it every day and after contact with water. Mandatory condition beautiful hands is the use of nourishing oils.
  8. Before you apply the nail Polish to cover the nail with a protective layer of lacquer. So it will be protected from harmful substances contained in the nail Polish. If you follow these recommendations you will always be beautiful and manicured hands.

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