Care of a appearance is a difficult and painstaking process that requires both time and funds. Not enough to keep a well-groomed appearance use special tools. In addition, you also need to follow certain rules, which help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
Основные правила ухода за ногтями
If the skin is not healthy, in combination with treatments you need to use a face Cream with SPF, it is most effective in this case.

Maintaining healthy nails is also quite a difficult task. In specialty cosmetic stores there are plenty of treatment and recovery tools, among which you can choose what you need. But apart from this you also need to adhere to simple rules that will help keep an excellent appearance of the nails easily.

Do not use nail Polish too often. He alters the natural colour, giving them a yellow tint, and growth.
Remove the varnish is only necessary special tools, scraping his unacceptable.

Special tools for removing nail Polish to use is not more than 2 times a week. They adversely affect the structure of the nail
You should always closely monitor manicure. Oblivia varnish looks very untidy.

Washing dishes and other similar procedures must be performed while wearing gloves to avoid contact with detergents.

Nail length should comply with the average. Too long nails are very easy to corrupt, and under them accumulate harmful microflora.
Основные правила ухода за ногтями3
Baths for hands should be done only with warm water. Hot water affects the nails and hands.

If the nail is broken, you need to use scissors and nail file, but in any case not to obsesively the nail. Jagged edges look very sloppy.

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