dry skin. Shade pencil or powder should be for a couple of shades lighter than the color of your own eyebrows. Red-haired women, make-up artists recommend the use of the pencil warm brown, blonde, gray, brown or beige, brunettes – moderately-brown. Седоволосым ladies suit brown or grey-brown eyebrow pencil.

  • If you draw a long, downward down the line of the eyebrows, you will get a very sad expression. Beauty thin and soft facial features underlined delicate eyebrows, more expressive and major features are perfectly combined with clear and broad lines of the eyebrows. Do not lift the external ends of the eyebrows up – if you do not want to look like the wicked witch of children’s fairy tales.
  • Many women, выкрашивая hair in the most dramatic tone, completely forget about color eyebrows. Those who dyed her hair blond, experts recommend slightly brighten eyebrows. Adjusted in accordance with the color of hair color gives incredible depth and expressiveness green or blue eyes. For colouring of eyebrows better use of organic dyes. Darkening or lightening of the eyebrows – the perfect way to make heavy brows softer and feminine and delicate and rare – shape and volume.
  • Remember that add color and optionally its shade is much easier than to remove excess funds. Start with the inner end of the brow, gradually moving to the outside. Apply color short, sloping upwards, lightly, be especially careful on the tips of the eyebrows. This technique coloring creates a natural and relaxed, opens the eyes and visually raises the eyelid.
  • Do not overdo it with выщипыванием eyebrow. Too thin eyebrows look very unnatural, but also very old. Sometimes, перестаравшись, you can lose the natural bend or too истончить the beginning of the line of the eyebrows.
  • Too long hairs can be trimmed, but be careful. In fact, they execute an important natural function of protecting the eyes from different kinds of stimuli, while too sparse and fine eyebrows help to fill the empty areas. To not cut off the superfluous, gently brush hairs and shorten the only ones that stand out of the General line.
  • Выщипывайте eyebrows, covering one filament, not more. Grab a few hairs can lead to inflammation of the follicle, or to inaccurate and incorrect form eyebrow at best.
  • You should not consider eyebrows in magnifying mirror. If hair visible invisible in normal mirror, then it is not seen by others.
  • Many believe that the hairs on the top line of the eyebrows tweeze not worth it. Actually all depends on the shape of the eyebrows, and in some cases it is necessary to make them beautiful and accurate form.
  • Beautiful eyebrows, should first of all advantageous to emphasize your facial features, so you should not follow newfangled trends, define the classic form, which is ideal for you.
  • It is not too thin eyebrows tips, age, they become less by themselves, so, too fine tips obviously old.

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