Beauty salons offer their visitors different types of hygienic manicure. Careful attention should be paid salt manicure. The uniqueness of this procedure is curative effect on the cuticle, resulting in considerable smoothing and rejuvenation of the skin around the nails. Execution salt manicure is easy even for the novice master of nail service. This procedure can be done successfully at home when the girl has the necessary skills.
Благотворное влияние солевого маникюра на кутикулу3
To perform salt manicure will need a tool that contains vegetable oils and Dead sea salts, antiseptic gel, gloves disposable. The required attributes for the implementation of nail Polish can be purchased in the Russian or foreign virtual shops. In particular, the company ebay in Russia is very popular. On the Internet site of this company presents a wide selection of accessories to take care of natural nails. Here you can buy high quality products at reasonable prices. The health of the nails depends on how good and safe tools used in the implementation of the manicure.
Благотворное влияние солевого маникюра на кутикулу2
Before you begin salt manicure, you want to disinfect hands, using antiseptic gel. Then, on the surface of the skin to apply emollient cream that contains therapeutic Dead sea salts, and massage in a clockwise direction. Then the hands should wear plastic gloves for 10 minutes. The final stage of the procedure is applied to the skin of the hands, nails and cuticles tonic with moisturizing properties. Salt manicure is a proven and highly effective way to improve the condition of skin and nails, as well as to moisturize and soften cuticles.

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