Choosing hotel «elite» class in St. Petersburg, a very crucial for its location. More convenient if the place where You stay, will not be on the island. The reason for this desire of all tourists in the summer to see the bridges, and расслабившихся travelers may experience inconvenience.

The peak tourism season in St. Petersburg is the time from the end of may until the second half of July, during this time guests of the Royal city can admire the white nights. The main thing in advance to arrange accommodation. Saint-Petersburg hotels provide tourists with all possible conditions and services for accommodation.
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Hotel Taleon Imperial hotel is the only one in St. Petersburg luxury hotel, which is located in the historic manor of XVIII century. This hotel is a member of leading hotels of the world Виртуозо. Ancient Palace, once owned the well-known Russian entrepreneurs Eliseev family. Today the building houses the 89 rooms and a rooftop swimming pool.

The location of the Taleon really unique, it is on a crossroads of Nevsky prospect and Moika river embankment. The facades of the building facing the Moika river, Nevsky Prospekt and Bolshaya Morskaya, is the heart of business and historical center of Petersburg. To many attractions can be reached in just a few minutes. Located near the Palace square, the Hermitage, Kazan Cathedral and Church of the Savior on blood.
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Taleon Imperial is situated in the building of the elite of the Taleon Club, which includes a health and fitness centre, a beauty salon and a swimming pool. In summer, you can stroll on one of the river taxi or pleasure boats, which are moored at the hotel. In winter you can go to interesting shopping is the best antique dealers, jewelers and designer clothes shops of St. Petersburg are located close to the hotel.

Article publication date: November 14, 2013

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