Begins a new season of spring-summer of 2014, and with it come and have a new fashion trends. Summer is always a riot of colors, rich colors and brightness of the solar day. And these trends are reflected in the new trendy two-manicure – very hot trend this summer.
Paint nails two different varnishes in color are a number of ways. But among this variety there are three basic styles: French or French manicure, manicure with vertical separation by color and the most popular option – selection of one or two nails on the hand contrast varnish.
Яркость летних красок: двухцветный маникюр3
French manicure

Colour French manicure is, in principle, ordinary French, only the nail surface is treated not neutral light varnish, and bright, contrasting colors. This style applies lunar manicure or reverse French. In this case contrast varnish is not the tip of the nail, and the hole at its base. To the edge of the hole is smooth, it is better not to rely on their own strength and to use the template for a French manicure.

Vertical contrast

The main thing in this style two-tone manicure is the right choice of coverage. For use on a single nail is needed to take the lucky one manufacturer, preferably from the same collection. This is to provide the combination of varnishes in texture and density.

The selection of a marigold
Яркость летних красок: двухцветный маникюр
This variant is the most famous in the two-manicure – apparently because not require special skills, and also enables to combine different texture lucky. You can safely take smooth matte varnish and coating with sequins or effect velvet surface, to decorate nails rhinestones and sequins, combine two little perceptible shade of the same color or, on the contrary, at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Most often, others are highlighted nails on the ring and middle fingers, and sometimes even only one hand.

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