выбор цветовой гаммы свадебного макияжаOften wedding makeup is in pink shades, because this elegant color emphasizes the beauty of the woman. But, make-up artists should be very careful while making a choice of colors wedding make-up because pink can detract from the natural цветотипом bride, and then the makeup will be spoiled. Also, it may not be appropriate for a wedding in retro style, to dresses of a Baroque and other styles that require different gamma.

Color is very important, and in addition to the rose there’s still plenty of options. Another important accessory color of the bride, and the color of her bouquet. If the bouquet of red roses, then allowed the natural makeup of a person with red lips as the only accent. Shadows are soft brown.

If the bouquet has a pronounced colour, we must build on the situation, from the design of the hall, the venue of the wedding. What will be the wedding is rather modern or simple, rustic?

If the bride prefers maximal naturalness or she is not accustomed to wearing makeup, this is not a reason to abandon the shadows on the eyelids. The shade should be present, but then why not pick up subtle shades, pastel colors that will accentuate opinion, without overloading it.

Eye makeup bride must be very mild, with feather and the effect of natural haze. Under the eyebrow on the upper eyelid can cause a bit of glitter to give the face glow.

Summer wedding

Summer skin has more Golden tone for the terrace even if it is almost not noticeable, and this must be considered when choosing makeup. If the bride brunette with brown eyes, you can play with her цветотипом with the help of Golden, brown and khaki. This color scheme «awaken» her natural complexion, emphasizing its natural beauty. Lips are better left untouched, and the cheekbones apply a light apricot or terracotta blush to face looked more tanned and fresh. Eyes are better emphasize ink and pencil brown color without gloss.

If the bride – blonde with blue eyes, use the same method, using the additional shades. Blue eyes stand out, if you use warm shades of eye shadows: pink, peach, beige, bronze. If the bride does not want such shadows, worth a try soft smoky version, with which her blue eyes, too, will be underlined in the best way.

Winter wedding

If the wedding is held in the winter, and the bride brunette with brown eyes, need to pay attention to the tone of the skin, which in the cold season has a tendency to look dull and lifeless. Skin for a winter wedding should be well prepared to tone in the make-up looked healthy and glowing. For this useful shades of pink, subdued pink, lilac, cream-pink, which will give a fresh.

If you do not want to do intensive wedding makeup, you can run it in a smoky format using grey, purple, plum, ideal for such color type.

For blue eyed blonde in winter it is recommended to use hot saturated hues: Burgundy, copper, chocolate, taupe, lilac or the pastel range of pink.

Makeup for Mature bride

Get married, not only in twenty years, but much later. For Mature brides need to find another makeup, which will be restrained and elegant. Special attention should be paid to the selection of tone means and powder, which should merge with skin and be very light in texture, to not stress wrinkles. Select tone and powder with a radiance effect, with reflective particles, especially if the wrinkles are already identified.

Young bride can experiment with different shades, whereas in the elegant age to age should choose pastel shades decorative cosmetics, refusing saturated shadows, thick eyeliner and bright blush.

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