Currently leather trying increasing every year popularity. Choose original skin it’s not quite an easy task because various kinds of adventurers learned to forge even smell permeating artificial leather chemicals. It should be noted that the product may not always be made entirely of leather, therefore, identify fraud becomes even more difficult.

In modern times is very popular and convenient accessory for men’s and women’s clothing is the belt. To buy leather belt, you must use the following methods that can distinguish a fake from the original skin:
Выбор кожаных изделий: подделка или оригинал2
Pierce any sharp object such as a needle or a pin since a small area of the skin, while watching the ease of entry. The lighter the perforation, the clearer that artificial leather or pressed.

Wet a small area of skin with water and to compare: genuine leather rather absorbs the water, rather than artificial.

Check the originality of the skin fire, burning with the help of matches or lighters a certain area. A lightweight organic smell and almost undamaged layer will understand that it is natural leather.

Stretch the skin, which allows to determine the elasticity. Genuine leather is a little elastic unlike artificial itself or partially pressed.
Выбор кожаных изделий: подделка или оригинал
It should be noted that the most prominent manufacturers of accessories convince a buyer in the originality of the product, releasing a special tag – indicator dictating the popularity of the brand and the status of quality of the manufacturer. Therefore, going shopping, the easiest way to determine the originality of the material from which made the belt is the knowledge of qualitative and fashionable producers of garments accessories.

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