In different beauty salons now offer a very wide range of types of manicure. The reason is that for various nails are better suited to different types of manicure.

If we consider the types of manicure from the point of view of the treatment of cuticles, you can select classic manicure and European.
Выбор маникюра: классический или европейский?2
Classic manicure otherwise called “wet”. This is due to the way that there is a softening the cuticles. In such manicure first need to give the desired shape the nails, and then hands begin to soak in the relaxing solution. After this softens the cuticle, it can be easily moved and crop specially adapted for this purpose tweezers. It should be noted that this type of manicure reasonably considered to be very dangerous. Is it because you can hurt the cuticle, which will result in infection, if the wizard in the autoclave is not handled properly their instruments.

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Выбор маникюра: классический или европейский?3
European manicure differs from the classical to the fact that it does not circumcision cuticle, she’s just postponed. To do this, you need to soften special creams skin around the nail, and then push it with a stick of wood. Due to this infection may not be included, as was the case with classical manicure. If the skin around the nail thin and with many closely-spaced capillaries, it is precisely this type of manicure will be more appropriate. At the same time it should be noted that this type of manicure is not suitable for running too nails. But if your nails to keep and care, the choice between classical and European manicure definitely should do toward the last, as it is more secure

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