Beautiful nails and hands were always considered a sign of well-groomed women. So the person of the fair sex strive to make manicure different ways, using various tools and techniques. And not always they are safe for the status of the nail plates. Modern ways to put in order and decorate them include and recovery.
Выбор маникюра: современный или обычный2
At home or at the salon for best effect, you first need to disinfect their hands with an antiseptic. Then to soften the skin, to put in order the cuticle. At the same time its ready, remove dead tissue. Then use tools that are designed to restore and strengthen nails. Now nails ready to spray, creating various pictures – you can draw geometric shapes, or limited to a simple and elegant French manicure. Fashion trends in relation to the appearance of the nails are changed quite often, she should tell specialist.

But modern manicure is not a one-time procedure. The master can make a plan as to how to care for hands of the house, and when and how many times should visit a salon for full recovery of the nail plates. It will help them to cure, to make strong and accelerate growth. And compliance system is required. Upon completion of the course Wellness manicure is not necessary to interrupt the procedure of the house.
Выбор маникюра: современный или обычный3
The modern way to bring the hands to a healthy state differs from the usual procedure is that the wizard will actually study the nails, their peculiarities in particular women. The usual way – standard – this study excludes. A maximum, on what you can expect when such procedure is cleared from dead skin. But there is the possibility of self-selection, processing, varnish coverings, pictures, etc. Master will take into account all, but it is possible that the desired result will not bring health nails. Therefore it is better to first carry out a course of treatments, and then to follow your tastes and desires.

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