Any image is created from small things. In each style plays an important role in every detail. In any case, caring for each other, we cannot lose sight of their hands. After all, they are looking rough and untidy, will ruin your overall appearance. But, looking gorgeous, they add charm you and your way.
Making a stunning makeover, luxurious hair, wearing your favorite clothes, you risk looking not the most elegant way, if you forget about the nails. Before directly apply varnish, drawings, rhinestones and other ways to decorate nails, it is necessary to prepare them. Making a habit of daily ritual for the care of the hands and nails, which is time consuming and takes, you’ll make your life easier, and will have a pleasant and the eye and to the touch of the hand.
Опрятность и стиль, красота и индивидуальность - НА ваших руках.
Manicure begins not with varnish. First you need to bring nails in divine form, remove all unnecessary. You can access the wizard, and can be performed independently of the chosen way of manicure. There are many, depending on the desired result, you can choose the ideal. The main thing is that in the end the cuticle is removed and turned out excellent nail form. You can also use the baths for the most painless of manicure.

After all the necessary preparations made, you can begin to translate fantasy on the nails. But it is necessary to note that it is not desirable to paint your nails before going to sleep, what to wet nails before painting in any case not allowed, they must be dry for at least 15 minutes before varnishing, otherwise the probability that the varnish will not last for long, will crack. Also, do not shake, shake, heat and perform any other actions with a can of lacquer. It negatively affects its properties. Better just to use to ride it a bit between his palms.

Turning to basic care, remember that if you fold diluted varnish, then it will now always be diluted.

So, put on the nail basis – it can be a simple basic can and treatment. After full drying of the nails cover them with lacquer, evenly spreading from the center to the edges. The brush should not gain too much of varnish. After drying of the first layer if necessary, put one more, and then again on dry nail hardener. At desire it is possible to draw or attach decals. Here is the complete freedom and a huge range for your creativity!
Опрятность и стиль, красота и индивидуальность - НА ваших руках.2
That’s all, your hands look good! Dexterity and skills gradually acquired, will make this process a pleasant as well as accelerate and improve quality. A beautiful neat nails under the force of each person of the female sex. Dream, create unique nail designs, create!

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