цвет бровейAbout the color eyebrows speak not so much as about the color of the hair, and this is natural. Usually, women are either leave their eyebrows what created their nature or slightly modify them in pencil in the direction of the blackout. Many of them do not know the simple laws of harmony, resulting receive expressive, dark eyebrows, which make the face of the brutal and adults. To find out which color eyebrows suits you, you need to take into account several factors.

Eyebrows by nature do not always have the same hue, and hair. Of course, a natural blonde they are bright and the dark-skinned brunettes – dark, and for such clear-cut цветотипов acute necessity of changes there. They are, for example, brown hair, whose eyebrows may be too light and thin, and if a woman changes the color of hair, and the color of the eyebrows her to reconsider, otherwise there is disharmony image. This can be done by the means of decorative cosmetics pencils, shadows, gel. Or have to seek the assistance of chemistry and painted eyebrows, bringing their color to the color of the hair.

Be careful if you come by yourself painted eyebrows hair dye not suitable for eyebrows. For color correction of eyebrows need another paint, which has a more gentle formula (because the impact is on the face skin), as a rule, these funds can be painted and eyelashes. If you have never painted eyebrows yourself, please contact the beauty – wizard selects the desired shade and procedure will be conducted safely.


What color should be eyebrows

The most natural considered brown eyebrows, which depending on the tone is almost everyone. A specific color to choose, based on their color type, taking into account whether the natural hair color is a woman or not. Today, few leaves hair untouched by paint, so the color of the eyebrows to choose a new hair color, without ignoring the degree of coldness or warmth of tone. For example, if a girl wears her hair in version blond with ash hue, warm brown eyebrows will look out of place. If her eyebrows are naturally very bright, it should make them on the two-tone darker, using a gray pencil.

Earlier blondes unnatural origin recommended to clarify his eyebrows, which with new hair do face more flagrant. Now clarification eyebrow – bad, on the contrary, in the fashion shows and advertising campaigns girls continue to demonstrate how stylishly may look dark eyebrows in combination with blond hair. One important point – if you’ve got the nature of dark hair and you regularly осветляете them, ask your master to leave the root zone of hair intact, making hairstyle strands. First, when the hair will grow back, not formed sharp lines transition from light to dark. And secondly, this is a great way to fit in the image of a more dark eyebrows, which are perfectly combined with dark roots.

Sometimes blondes you can leave a dark eyebrow, making it a highlight of the image. Successful examples of such combinations – Kate Winslet, Oksana Akinshina, British supermodel Kara Delevin and Agnes Dane. In this case it is recommended discreet eye makeup in natural shades of brown – colored shadows should be avoided, because eyebrows should be the only focus.

If you need a bit dim eyebrows, this can be done using special shadows. Pencils usually leave a noticeable strokes and eyebrows look artificially подрисованными. Apply shadow brush short dashed movements, try to focus not at the base, and at the bend of the eyebrows, not to make a rude person. Brown-gray shade fit ash blonde, fair-haired girls with Golden glow curls better to stay on the natural warm colours, but ensure the artificial рыжины. Brown eye shadow eyebrows go redhead.


Self color correction eyebrow

If you want to change the color of your brows using resistant paint, never use black only or only brown paint. Black will give your eyebrows a bluish tone, brown can cast on eyebrows the red. Mix these shades or in equal proportions, or add more the paint to which tends your natural цветотип.

If the color of the eyebrows after rinsing turned out too dark, heavily colored skin, do not panic. Apply on eyebrow layer of tar or household soap and rinse off after five to ten minutes depending on the intensity. This method was verified many women who are experimenting with paint at home. If eyebrows were expressive enough, do not rush to repaint them. Wait at least a week to slightly recovered after chemical exposure, otherwise they may fall out or you will get a skin irritation.

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