To check how much you “pin”, you can use this test!

1. If you are someone, but you didn’t hear the sound of his name, you ask him to repeat.
2. Each person should be enough developed sense of their own independence, to argue on the topic, not caring how she carries around.
3. Communicating with brilliantly witty conversationalist, you give him his due and compete.
4. You have enough common sense to realize that with his wit and erudition can become the soul of the company.
5. In their behavior, people should focus on its compliance with the mood of the company, in which it is located.

6. Noticing errors in the speech of others, for their own good they should be corrected.
7. You have great respect for what you do and never quite do not let anyone make fun of themselves.
8. You should not provide too many services to people around you, because although some appreciate your help as it should be on merit.
9. We must always be on the lookout, because you closely evaluate those with whom you communicate.
10. If the company tell a joke you’ve heard, you need to be polite enough to sincerely laugh along with everyone.
11. If someone starts a conversation on frankly uninteresting topic, in the interests of the whole company would be correct to quickly interrupt the storyteller.
12. If a friend wants to meet with you, and you have other plans, you need to come up with a most valid reason for refusal, so as not to offend him.
13. Man is obliged to flaunt all their best qualities, that he was appreciated and approved.
14. People do not have very stubbornly and persistently to defend their own beliefs every God times when someone will Express the opposite opinion.
15. A true friend always requires that his family did best, even when they oppose it.


For each answer “Yes” for approval under an odd number and for each answer “no” to even necessite yourself 2 points. Calculate the total amount.

23-31 points. Can congratulate yourself: you’ve been able to achieve harmonious coexistence with the environment. You can easily make contact with different people and in almost any company is welcome.

11-21 points. You are quite sociable person, who is able to please others. Sometimes you do not find understanding with some of them, but nobody’s perfect! (the exception is scored 32 points).

0-9 points. Life is fucking unfair thing if it is only boring people. Such a sad state of your Affairs is remedied. You can, for example, carefully reread good books grandparents Carnegie and more young physicians shower, walk on the NLP practitioner course – ways to change the situation much, it would wish.

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