крем от черных точекUnsightly black dots on the face a lot of inconvenience and complexes, not only at a young age. Young girls and Mature women do not stop looking for the cream from the black dots, which would deliver them from the many beauty treatments, which have to resort for a beautiful clear skin. Is there an effective cream from black dots in reality or is it yet another myth and a publicity stunt?

If you suffer from enlarged pores, which are formed black “head”, you need to revise your cosmetic bags. The struggle with this defect is not the matter of one day or one product. Cream to remove blackheads is rather a myth, because they will make scrub or mask the exfoliation, for example, clay, steaming or-mask. Cream necessary for skin care and prevent clogging of open pores blackheads. To use this facility you need constantly, because its effect is mostly reduced to the formation of the skin’s protective layer, which is opposite to the clogging of the pores of the skin fat and its oxidation, which gives the then black.


The cream from blackheads

Properly balanced composition formula of the cream is a pledge of success in the struggle for the beautiful and clean skin. It is impossible to get rid of this phenomenon once and for all, because it is not a disease but a situational phenomenon. Fat film is formed on the skin every day, wash it every day have, therefore, fighting with black points – your daily care. It will not be a big problem if you find a good cosmetic set, based cream for daily use.

Cream against black points should ideally contain the entire set of components that resist excessive excretion of fat, allowing the skin as long as possible to remain fresh.

Look for creams zinc, salicylic acid, fruit acids low concentration of a substance that has antiseptic, light astringent, matting effect. The mandatory part of such creams moisturizing components. The aim of the cream from blackheads is to moisturize the skin, in any case without drying it. Otherwise, the sebaceous glands start to work in emergency mode, the pores will be blocked and find black heads.


Effective creams from blackheads

крем от черных точек L’Oreal Pure Zone

Line Pure Zone from the French group L’oreal is available for young girls who have oily skin with severe imperfections. Nourishing cream against black dots part a specialized series, supplemented by gel for washing and a mask with a peeling effect, tonic. This cream should be applied after the preliminary cleansing skin exfoliation. It supports the effect of the net long and will not give to form a new black points. The composition of this cream salicylic acid is a powerful weapon in the struggle with problem skin.

  • “Propeller” Pore Vacuum

This moisturising cream from black spots ideal for applications for young girls with oily and combination skin. It has tender texture and easily absorbed, leaving Shine. The effectiveness of the cream ensure acid, aimed at reduction of excessive oil secretion, dissolution black dots and freshening.

  • Cream mask “Kora”

Cream “Bark” from black points for those who value the Russian drugstore cosmetics. This tool has a thick texture, perfectly suitable for those who cannot tolerate caustic scented perfumes. The composition of the cream-mask contains fruit acids, which provide a good effect of exfoliation with pore cleansing from blackheads without the use of aggressive mechanical scrubs. The remedy should be applied to the skin after cleansing, previously a person can be a little steam out, to increase the effect. Apply the cream-mask for 5 minutes, during which will be felt noticeable tingling, then the means to wash away. Then you can apply a refreshing tonic.

крем от черных точек Keracnyl Ducray

  • Cream Keracnyl from Ducray

Another great tool with a good caring and podrachivaya effect from the brand Ducray. This cream reducing the oiliness of the skin and prevents blackheads, providing peelingeffect and efficient updating from within. This cream is three acids, which are used for treatment of oily skin and acne – glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic. Also the formula contains salicylate zinc and Murtazin that eliminates the symptoms of inflammation. Regular use of this cream does not only prevent blackheads, but also refreshes and revitalizes the skin from the inside.

  • Cream Sebium AKN from Bioderma

This cream combines moisturizing properties healing, preventing blackheads. It is suitable for Allergy sufferers with sensitive skin, oily and acne.

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