вред солярияTan in the Solarium has recently become one of the most popular salon treatments. But what do we know about the dangers of tanning, as beauty is reflected on the human body?

Ultraviolet radiation of the sun, whether it be the rays of the type a (UVA ) or type b (UVB), very unsafe for our skin. When in contact with ultraviolet light melanocytes produce melanin, the brown pigment that gives the skin a tan. Kinda changes the color of the skin is a protective reaction to further irradiation with ultraviolet light. Too long and intense ultraviolet radiation can cause serious health problems.


Skin cancer

The penetration of ultraviolet radiation on the skin activates performs a protective function of enzymes, but not all enzymes are going to protect the body, some of them mutate, thereby increasing the risk of developing cancer of skin diseases such as squamous cell carcinoma, basal carcinoma and melanoma. The first two disease from this terrible Troika is not apparent immediately, carcinoma develops in the months and even years, while these conditions are relatively localized, melanoma can occur anywhere, even on areas of the skin that is not exposed to the sun, and the worst thing in this disease that melanoma spreads very rapidly through the body, affecting new areas of the body.

According to experts, even one strong a sunburn during childhood or five sunburns in a lifetime, more than two times increase the risk of developing melanoma, one of the most terrible skin cancers. The greatest risk in this case are adolescents and young people, and greatly increases the risk of a tan in the Solarium.

Recent studies have shown that ultraviolet light type And more dangerous for our skin than-rays such as Century UVA rays penetrate much deeper skin with harmful effects on skin cells. Very often in the salons are not observed limit time in the sun.


Vision problems

Ultraviolet bend not only dangerous for our skin, but also to view. The potential risk of abuse of tanning is to develop melanoma of the retina. Some visual impairment resulting from excessive UV exposure, are treatable, but very often, these diseases become chronic.

Abuse of indoor tanning often leads to the development of a cataract, that is the clouding of the crystalline lens and the significant deterioration of vision.

Cataract does not occur instantly, it develops gradually, but with age, the situation is deteriorating, and contact with sunlight worsens the situation. Blurred vision, the appearance of glare in artificial light, developing short-sightedness or blindness can be symptoms of cataract development.

Unfortunately, changing glasses or contact lenses on the more powerful does not improve, the diagnosis is often complicated by the fact that the presence of a cataract is not accompanied by pain. To reduce the risk of developing this disease when tanning safety glasses must be worn.


Premature skin aging

Excessive tanning and sunburn may occur during the development of the so-called solar gerodermia, premature aging caused by UV rays. Excessive and prolonged exposure of the skin loses tone and elasticity, changing its texture, appearance of the first wrinkles, age spots and keratosis, Horny growths similar to warts. In some cases there has been a violation of pigmentation and skin gets the specific yellowish shade. Due to low content of melanin in the skin at the most risk for the development of solar gerodermia affected people with very light skin, eyes and hair.


Tanorexia or sararosapisano

Tanorexia is a very real disease that affects people who have an uncontrollable urge to sunbathe in any way. The word tanorexia derived from the English word “tan – tan and the name of the disease anorexia.

People suffering from anorexia, never satisfied with their tanin the pursuit of a darker skin tone, they spend a lot of time in the sun, putting their health at serious risk. These people are so dependent on the sun, as addicts and alcoholics dose-dependent and bottles of alcohol. The paradox is that most of these people realize the risks expose themselves, but due to the already-established psychological dependence, they may not opt out of the next trip to the Solarium.


Commerce and tanning

In most cases, employees salons are on a percentage of revenue, that is, their salary depends on the number of people visiting the Solarium and sales tools for artificial tanning. Very often in the salon offer purchase very expensive tanning or sunbathing in the Solarium with a high degree of ultraviolet radiation, explaining his proposal more effective result.

Often, customers who wish to get a tan with bronzer spray, offer pre-tan in the Solarium, ostensibly to tan look more smooth and natural. Of course, the means to enhance the tan will always be in demand, but do not forget that fake tan, especially a service that is sold, and pretty well, so “load” you will try to sell as much less popular things.


The power of persuasion

Some people believe that pre-zagori in the Solarium, you will not get a sunburn, tanning on the beach, and this dubious theory is very actively used by beauty salons and solariums. Actually, tan, obtained in the Solarium, did not protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of natural origin. People with darker by nature skin much less at risk of sunburn than light-skinned, and the amount of time spent in tanning beds, has no value.


Compliance with hygiene standards

Compared with the risk to life, the mismatch sun decks sanitary and hygienic norms seems to be less of a problem. Of course, in any salon, you will try to convince the complete sterility of the sun, but, unfortunately, very often their purity is far from ideal. Bacteriological samples often show in tanning the presence of remnants of sweat, urine or semen. Hygiene, Solarium should be cleaned after each client, but if for wiping the surface of the Solarium each time you use the same cloth, the effectiveness of such cleaning is minimized. If after visiting the Solarium, you notice a rash of unknown origin, it is possible that a skin infection you caught it in the Solarium.

To eradicate the desire of people to sunbathe it is impossible, however, do not forget that tanning in a tanning bed or outdoors, our skin experiences the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. If you want to have beautiful tanned skin, the only safe way to realize the dream of a Golden tan in life is to opt for a bronzer spray tan in the Solarium or on the beach.

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