Ladies are regularly monitored for each element of the dress and appearance. By visiting shopping centers and boutiques they can buy shoes, jeans, skirts, t-shirts wholesale. Do not remain without attention to the small details of appearance: makeup, manicure and pedicure.

Определение состояния здоровья по ногтям

Carried away by a build-up and nail varnish, don’t forget to check their status. Nail color can tell a lot about the health of its owner. Delicate pink indicates good health of internal organs. The colour change should get suspicious.

Consider the most frequent signs of the disease on the basis of the color of the nail plate:

  1. Blue color. In conjunction with the darkening of the lips may indicate problems with the heart. In addition to the diseases of the organs of blue color plate says about chronic fatigue person.
  2. Yellow color. Probably the most common option. This is the first sign of problems with the digestive tract (gastritis, ulcer, disorder).
  3. White color – suspicion of cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. Black is one of the varieties of thrombosis.

Определение состояния здоровья по ногтям 4

The next factor is the wells. The size and shape of the hole each finger is responsible for the work of the different bodies. For example, the index finger is responsible for the intestines, liver and stomach. Average – the circulatory system. In any case, the wrong shape, or lack of wells indicates a problem with health.

Nail surface. Immediately throw out the version with patch nails. If your own nails protruding, listen to your breathing, perhaps it is a sign of bronchitis. Dents and deepen – the suspicion of psoriasis.

Определение состояния здоровья по ногтям 3

Stratification of the nail. If not to take into account the impact of chemicals, the stratification of normal nail evidence of a lack of vitamins and calcium.

In any case, do not panic and be upset because of the defects, color, shape the nail plate. These rules are relative and may be wrongly interpreted. Don’t rule out the external exposure (household chemicals, antibiotics and mechanical damage). However, always pay attention to all of the nail changes.

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