How often the average woman, noting in a public place, other beautiful ladies manicure, shyly hiding his nails? Very frequently. Jealousy had nothing to do with. Usually entertain the excuse about the lack of money on a professional designer nail, the lack of time for yourself beloved at all – but these are only excuses. And here should be risen pride. How nice it would one day also come at a concentration of people and not hide the beauty of their nails!
Дизайнер скрыт внутри каждого
Well if grandpa drew, or a couple of years in every Studio behind it are obvious advantages in a new hobby. But even if none of that – hurt feelings can help a lot. And it’s not that the wizard can, but you didn’t. It’s just a matter of principle and multiple repetitions. Therefore, when it is time to begin.
Дизайнер скрыт внутри каждого3
This requires determination and related products for manicure, which are sold in every store for masters and applied needlework. Rhinestones and stickers purchased, toothpicks were waiting in the closet, and colored lacquers now no problem at all. Moreover, the structure of the lacquer may be conventional, with spangles, craquelure and even magnetic, which itself is able to transfer a pattern on the nail.
Дизайнер скрыт внутри каждого4
For the start of the experiments are not to reinvent the wheel and use craquelure varnish. It forms a chaotic cracks in the coating after drying. This type of manicure unusual, fashionable and not time-consuming – just a couple of strokes of his brush. The next step is experimenting with rhinestones. This will require the rhinestones, the freshly applied nail Polish and toothpicks with which the decoration is neatly attached to the nail. The third level in the knowledge of nail art is a colors game, its smooth transitions performed by several varnishes. As a basis you can apply natural matte varnish, and as decoration on the protruding part of the nail lacquer glitter in tone.

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