Now it is difficult to imagine modern wardrobe women without a jacket or a jacket. Correctly picked the jacket can hide many flaws, and also to give to its style and elegance.

Modern women’s clothing stores offer fashionistas buy womens jackets various styles, suitable for both an office and an evening gown. The main thing to orientate in this diversity and to make the right choice.
Тонкости выбора стильного женского пиджака
Girls with big shoulders perfect narrow jacket, slightly shorter at the rear. Such a model will make more feminine silhouette. Women with broad hips and narrow shoulders decorate a jacket with pads. This technique will distract attention from the broad hips and visually balance figure.

Coats and jackets are widely used both in everyday wear and evening dresses. In everyday wear a jacket is in perfect harmony with jeans, shirts and t-shirts. If You have decided to use jacket to complete your evening dress, then stop your choice on the product of some special fabric, with elements of decor.

Do you have an important business meeting? Then put on dark jacket, he will give you Your way of austerity and quiet elegance.
If You want to add to the image of sexuality, buy a jacket with a V-neck. Pockets on the jackets free cut visually enlarge the Breasts.

Properly selected women’s jacket must ideal to sit on the figure. Formless jackets only underline the shortcomings. You should pay attention to such detail jacket, collar. Better, if it is made in the form of small round-down or stand-up collar. It will emphasize the elegance of the neck and give the image of freshness.

The choice coat color plays a big role. To hide the excessive leanness, you should stay on white, milk, various shades of beige. The warm colours will add softness to the shape of the figure. But plump girls ideal gray and black tones. They visually make the figure slender and cover blemishes.
Тонкости выбора стильного женского пиджака1
By following these simple rules, You will be able to find a coat that will look charming in any event. And this kind of service will occupy an honorable place in Your wardrobe.

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