пирсинг бровиPassion for decoration of your own body punctures with devanam earrings made of various materials in humans originated many years ago. In some cultures, it still serves as the distinctive sign of belonging to a particular caste, in other piercing is nothing more than decoration, part of the image or the time positioning itself. The eyebrow piercing became popular in the 80-ies, and to this day this type puncture refers to the most common among young people, especially if it is a member of a particular subculture.


Careful approach

пирсинг бровиIf the puncture ears no longer able to surprise someone, the eyebrow piercing, many causes questions and rejection. First, the decoration will be located right on the face, and it’s not just catches the eye, but can be risky. Piercing piercing strife, someone intends to wear thick eyebrow “banana” from surgical steel, others want to do delicate ear-ring, or a fine accessory with fine jewelry head.

Security procedures and the minimum number of side effects is very easy to secure, thoughtfully picked up salon for piercing and masters with good recommendations. You cannot do piercing in passing, going by chance in the underground area with a dubious reputation. This error can be fatal to your health, and sometimes life.


Features of eyebrow piercing

пирсинг бровиThe eyebrow piercing, like many types of punctures on the face and body, is pain during a puncture. The intensity of pain is different from the type of a puncture, individual sensitivity and skill of the technician. The advantage of piercing in this area is a short period of healing and no pain then. Risks of wearing jewelry in the eyebrows is much lower than for the puncture of the mucous membranes, but this does not mean that there is not. If you decide to pierce an eyebrow, get ready to be careful when applying makeup and hairstyles, make sure not to touch the mirror and not to injure the fabric.

The eyebrow piercing can be done in different places, and also directions of the puncture may be different. The most simple, safe, acceptable way is puncture eyebrows closer to its tip, when a puncture crosses the line of the eyebrows. Extreme ways of wearing such a piercing mean decoration on the other hand is closer to the nose, many adherents of a particular subculture not averse to esperit all browney arc metal rings.


Disadvantages of eyebrow piercing

Area puncture is on the face, around the eyes is a sensitive area, which increases the need for careful care puncture. Careless wizard can hurt the eye nerve when puncture that can cause inflammation, but have a negative impact on the vision. If the puncture is inserted ring, it can accidentally touch the combing, damaging the fabric. Moreover, this kind of piercing is impossible to hide from prying eyes if need be. Few executives who will be glad that individualism their employees. If decoration should be removed at some period, a mark of the piercing is still difficult to disguise.


Jewelry for body piercing eyebrow

пирсинг бровиThe eyebrow piercing refers to the plane, so the type of jewelry for him right. Less wear rings, which are more suitable for ears, for such a puncture more suitable decoration-rod or “bananas”, cones, which can have a smooth, minimalist design or jewelry inclusion on the ends in the form of beads, flowers, stars. Such accessories are less dangerous to wear, convenient, easy to remove, and thanks to the variety of designs you can choose for himself a fine or more expressive decoration, which corresponds to a specific image.

The most suitable material for decoration – surgical steel, which has a hypoallergenic and is perfectly suitable for wearing in fresh puncture. You can wear accessories from silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, titanium, making sure will not have their rejection by the body.


Care eyebrow piercing

пирсинг бровиThe pain is in direct puncture tissue, but some time may experience side effects in the norm. These include: redness, light bleeding, pain, lasting up to five days. Within a couple of weeks from the wound will be allocated yellowish liquid. The total time to complete healing of eyebrow piercing is about two months.

For puncture need daily care, washing the wound with water-salt solution, which is moistened cotton pad. Then to puncture is a clean dry cloth and again odevaetsya decoration. For six months after you did the piercing you cannot remove a nose ring or barbell for a long time, it may result in overgrowth of holes.

To speed up the healing process, try to protect the body piercing eyebrow from mechanical impact, try to sleep on your back, gently apply makeup, avoiding cosmetics for body piercing, gently rassasavatee and wear a hat.

Keep in mind that even if you want to make multiple punctures along the line of the eyebrows, you will have to do them one by one, waiting for the time to complete healing of the previous one.

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