In modern beauty salons can be strengthened and to extend nails with Biogel. Cosmetologists say that this cover is quite harmless, and even beneficial to the nails.

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Which components make up the Biogel?

Reading advertisements manufacturers about a new form of gel, you can see that this remedy is a natural alternative to acrylic and traditional gel used for nails. It is composed of 58% organic protein and resin from tikaboo tree that grows in Africa. But we know that such a tree in nature does not happen, and the above-described composition is not more than an advertising ploy concocted to attract consumers who want to use natural means to create beauty.

In fact, the Biogel is a modified synthetic gel. Due to changes in the composition of the gel, this tool has become more elastic, it is better to apply on nails, long retains its attractive appearance.

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Who can use a new kind of gel?

Masters are advised to do the firming Biogel women who took extended nails, or women who have weak brittle nails from his nature. Many have seen their real nails after removing artificial plates – they are quite unsightly: dull, thin, exfoliating. And they will have to until the nail plate will grow back fully. The solution to this situation can be found in disguise nails Biogel – it is easily cut with scissors and it looks natural.

The strengthening of the modified gel thinning and brittle by nature nails can be done. A layer of this substance on the nail plate can only disguise the plate, however, after the removal of the coating nails start to break down. Doctors recommend to strengthen your nails are not synthetic compounds, and the internal receiving different vitamin-mineral complexes and nutrition.

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How to apply Biogel?

Applying the tonic is not only on natural nails, but also on the artificial with the purpose of giving them strength and attractive appearance. This coating stays on nails for several weeks depending on the applied layer.

The procedure of nail strengthening biological gel starts with degreasing the nail with antiseptic, designed to remove Shine and create a clean level surface. In addition to brushes for the application of funds will need professional UV lamp designed to secure the cover.

Using Biogel can be not only strengthening, but also the nails. Is a flexible tool that allows you to easily and securely attach the nail plate into the desired shape. The only drawback is the strength of the new gel is not too great in comparison with acrylic, so the capacity can be increased nail is only a few millimeters.

In sale Biogel different shades: red, green, metallic, neon colors and colorless. This allows you to create exquisite and fashionable manicure.

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