Первое узи во время беременностиSo first a long delay “monthly”, then the appropriate test and, finally, the examination of geekology confirmed the existing pregnancy.

After a number assigned to and deposited with tests after a certain time there will come a time when accounting gynaecologist will be a referral to the first ultrasound.

Why do it, and what are the timelines for planning an ultrasound during pregnancy, and will be discussed in this article.

First of all, you should understand that, to date, ultrasound (sonography) is the most common, safe and highly effective method for assessing fetal exposure.

Many expectant moms are concerned about the potential harmfulness of this study. But these fears are largely unfounded: in the diagnosis of multiple allowable norms ultrasonic intensity to the fetus does not pose any harmful or dangerous consequences.

But the refusal of an ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy is fraught with unpleasant consequences. After 13 weeks after conception using ultrasound to identify existing problems in the development of the fetus, and, if necessary, to take appropriate action.

For example, down’s syndrome and many other serious diseases can be viewed only in the early stages of pregnancy, after the presence of ultrasound features that allow it to smell a rat, can disappear without a trace. If chromosomal abnormality was identified in a timely manner, doctors will be able to have time to conduct a special study of genetic and, if the result is unfavorable, terminating the pregnancy.На каком сроке беременности проводится первое УЗИ

Earlier date of the first ultrasound

The gynecologist may prescribe a pregnant first ultrasound at an earlier period than 13 weeks. This need may be caused by a number of related reasons.

If the physician has reason to suspect an ectopic pregnancy, the first ultrasound may be implemented on a 10 day delay. This early research will help to provide information about the localization of the ovum.

With the help of sonography in early pregnancy can be diagnosed the exposure of women to premature placental detachment. Especially, such a survey is shown at week 4, in the case of women bleeding.

As can be seen, the ultrasound is a necessary process for full confidence of the doctors and the pregnant woman that the future new inhabitant of the planet developing normally.

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