обувь на плоской подошвеStrange, but the flat-soled shoes displaces its competitor – heel. Blame ballet flats, sneakers and sandals. This season, the trend of absolute domination Shoe flat shoes on heels. Remember the world famous sculpture Degas “Little fourteen-year-old dancer”. Her ballerina girl proves that the flat-soled shoes does not deprive of femininity. The time of grace, elegance and dominance over harmful to health and at the same time, Flirty, seductive heel.


How it started

And now let us turn to the intense schedule of work of the last week of high fashion, during which the editor of one of the fashion magazines said that high heel this season is not fashionable. If to speak less prosaic, fashion critic Cathy Chorin said that the flat-soled shoes in fashion again. However, we are not talking about soles. In one of his last articles, she notes the discrepancy between the desire of the creators of shoes to leave in fashion bizarre high heels, giving them a new direction and new content, and more simple desires of the consumers to wear comfortable and elegant shoes.

Tired of glamour podiums, she notes that fashion now-side facilities. Pragmatism prevailed over dictatorship unnecessary and Intrusive purchase. According to Katya Chorin, two designers, freed from the prejudices of style, were the first to understand the needs of customers.


Designers share the trend

Alber Elbaz, the designer of the fashion house Lanvin, said his dress is designed to enable women to go out, wearing this flat shoes. Phoebe Philo, a British designer, gets rid of the sixties style, created by her colleague Gabrielle Chanel, who said in an interview that women dress well, but not so to stand out. Women refuse to blindly follow fashion.


Rebel press

Today it is disobedience is manifested on the podium during fashion show. For example, a fashion show in the garden of the Tuileries was not on the podium, and under a huge awning, before which was spread out on the white carpet. The authors of the articles about fashion walked along this path under the flashing cameras of disgruntled blogers that were shod in shoes incredibly high heels and moved in search of the best angle to shoot. It is in Paris passion flat-soled shoes has captured the minds.

And suddenly on his feet editors appear shoes, ballet flats, pointing to the neglect of the style. Two years ago, none of the Parisian could not afford to go out in shoes without heels. What is the reason for such changes? Bloggers have been accused of distorting the true craft editor. , Dressed and shod, they placed all in the dead end in their appearance.

The author of the magazine Conde Nast, whose name remains in secret, proposes devoid of individuality uniforms to distinguish it from the bloggers. The editor of the fashion magazine does not mean to be like those birdies-bloggers, dressed in colourful clothes and Oboth in high heel shoes.


It began much earlier

French women have long realized that ballet flats or sneakers, enlivened by the same simple jeans or an ordinary jacket. The flat-soled shoes does not need advertising to be successful. These shoes appeared in the late 1980s. At that time sneakers already trampled pavement. Replace high heels came the shoes, which was suitable for morning Jogging and Hiking to work.

American designer Norma Kamali have grasped the significance of this new dynamic life in the late seventies and added to your collection of sports clothing. Later, this violent attitude to work and a desire to move quickly grew stronger. The appearance in the cities of shoes flat shoes have won the applause of those who are at the same time wanted to be beautiful, natural, sporty and energetic. Running shoes have become a catalyst stressful life.

For the company Nike that was lucrative. They tried hard to diversify its products, changing the form of sneakers, focusing on colour schemes and making them more feminine. Sneakers got a new life. After a short respite, they again came into Vogue two years ago. RAF Simons, Belgian designer, together with Adidas made a show of menswear autumn-winter 2013/2014, Asil male models in sports shoes.

In convenient cashmere sweater, Phoebe Philo demonstrates sneakers Stan Smith from Adidas.На some time their production was stopped and resumed in the beginning of this year, replacing the flat sole platform. Real crime for one of the icons of style, which is a trendsetter shoes flat shoes.

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