Each piece has its faults, but it does not mean that they cannot hide! When buying a new dress this season, remember to take into account the shortcomings of your figure. Following these simple tips, you can hide the disadvantages of various parts of the body and emphasize its advantages. This article provides the main problem areas, which, however, can easily be concealed.

Full hips
Недостатки фигуры при выборе платья
The owners pear-type figures do not select too short dresses. Optimum length dresses – not more than 5 cm above the knee. You can buy a dress with a flared skirt, but not too broad. To divert attention from full hips, choose a dress with deep V-neck halter top or a beautiful neckline.

Wide waist

Visually adjust wide waist possible, shifting its line. The holders of a complete piece suit options with low waist. Avoid thick belt on the waist line, replacing them by a chain or a belt on the thighs, as the belt will emphasize the excess fat in an undesirable location. However, if the figure is not complete, and waist no use of belts, on the contrary, it is recommended, because it creates the illusion of a bend.

Full hands

To hide the full hand, do not choose a dress without sleeves or short sleeves. Better will look dress with wide sleeves length not less than 3/4 the length of the hand.
Недостатки фигуры при выборе платья3
Small Breasts

Small Breasts better not to stress, avoiding the deep cut and neckline. Instead, it is better to buy a dress with round neckline, and also to emphasize the neck with decorations using, for example, necklaces in several rows. Hide small Breasts can also play of colors. Choose a dress with soft color shades in the area of the chest and colorful, bright inserts, interesting pictures in other parts of the dress.

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