продукты питания в борьбе с раковыми заболеваниямиChanging eating habits can last a lifetime. Researchers and experts offer the so-called “anti-cancer” way of eating, which is to consume certain foods in the fight against cancer.


Green tea

Green tea helps fight cancer of the stomach and colon. Better to buy Japanese green tea leaves, leave it for eight to ten minutes. Drink three cups per day.



Garlic is used to treat cancer of the stomach, esophagus and colon. Every day you must eat 2-5 g of fresh garlic.



Soya is a good option for fighting breast cancer. Add to your diet soy beans, tofu and soy paste miso.


Olive oil

Olive oil helps in cancer of the colon. Well suited unrefined olive oil of the highest quality, two to three tablespoons as a condiment or in cooking.



Citrus fruits help fight against stomach cancer. Add to your diet, whole oranges, grapefruits, clementines. In juice form, these citrus fruits contain fiber and help to increase the level of glycemia.

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