уход за ступнямиCaring for the face and hands, as many forget about the other parts of the body that are no less in need of care. Proper foot care can be done not only at the master pedicure, but yourself at home. Efforts will not go to waste: routine will make skin smooth and tender as a child.


Specific care

Legs are under considerable pressure, especially in those cases, if a person walks a lot or work standing. The result is predictable – the skin thickens and cracks appear on it calluses and corns. And now we have to abandon the beautiful shoes, which threatens to demonstrate everyone around unkempt feet.

However, the poor condition of the feet is not only an aesthetic defect, but also a serious medical problem. Corns and cracked feet can be very painful. Damaged skin vulnerable to infection. Spoils gait, increased fatigue, pain and inflammation.

Meanwhile, all this is easily avoided. Foot care is simple, just need to worry about their condition regularly. Those who do not have time for weekly pedicure in the salon, it can give your feet the necessary smoothness and at home.

Enough every day to give your feet for a few minutes to feet always looked great.

Foot care in the salon or at home consists of several stages:

  • Foot bath. This simple procedure comprehensively affects the feet, softening dead skin, refreshing legs, feeding them, relaxing or toning. Baths relieve fatigue and prepare the foot to further processing.
  • Peeling. During this procedure removes rough dead skin.
  • Nutrition and massage. During the massage into feet rubbed nourishing and emollient creams that make the skin more tender. In addition, massage helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Nail care. At this stage it is necessary to soften and push back cuticle, remove the hard skin around the nails, to give the nail plates form, apply to the nail nutrient composition and varnish.


Foot bath

The pedicure in the salons do without preliminary steaming feet. The classical foot care necessarily begins with a bath with a soap solution. The water should be warm to the feet skin softened. To enhance the effect in the water, you can add:

  • Infusions of herbs. Herbal baths beautifully relieve fatigue and promote healing of minor wounds, abrasions, scratches on the feet. A decoction of rose hips helps to get rid of the unpleasant smell of feet.
  • The soda. Per liter of water will be enough teaspoon soda. Soda softens rough skin, makes it a more loose structure, facilitates the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Essential oil. For example, rose geranium essential oil will make the skin supple, lavender rid of bad smell.
  • Table salt. This dish is perfectly toned and helps to get rid of corns.

The duration of the treatment may be approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. After the bath the skin should be wiped dry with a soft towel.


Remove dead skin

The first step is to remove the rough skin of the feet. Depending on the condition of the skin this can be done with a stiff brush, pumice stone, nail files for pedicure, or a special metal polishing. Razmyagchilas skin is removed easily, but don’t get too carried away by the process, ensuring the infant smoothness. Babies do not use their delicate heels to walk, and those who walks a lot, too thin skin on the feet will only interfere.

If the skin is severely roughened, it is unlikely to achieve the desired result at a time. Likely have daily after shower handle foot pumice or pedicure nail file until the situation normalizes.

Those who constantly monitors the state of the skin of the feet, it is sufficient to remove rough skin one or two times a week after the special baths.

After the initial processing of coarse nail file or rasp the skin on the heels becomes uneven. It must be polished with a fine nail files or special creams with scrabulous effect. You can use any body scrub or even home remedies, for example, salt, coffee grounds or even fine sand. But the best choice will be a special scrub for the feet, which in addition to the solid exfoliating particles contain substances that soften rough skin and facilitate its removal.

The scrub is applied on dry foot massage with circular movements. The tool should be rubbed into the skin for several minutes and then rinse off with cool water.


Creams and masks

The feet skin needs nutrition and hydration is not less than the facial skin. But the funds for the feet require special because of the active substance must penetrate into the deeper layers rather thick skin. The most nourishing and moisturizing creams for legs also contains emollient and antibacterial components. Creams should be applied not only after exfoliation of the feet, usually they are used daily, morning and evening, to the skin of the feet always remained moist and tender.

Periodically legs should give special care, such as special softening or nourishing masks. It is best to apply the mask instead of the cream immediately after removal of corns and calluses, when skin is most receptive. Masks can be cooked based oils (olive, apricot, almond) with the addition of a slurry of steamed Flaxseed, vitamins, egg yolk, lemon juice, honey and other ingredients. The mixture should be applied on feet, tightly wrap polyethylene, from top to wear socks. Sometimes the mask is recommended to leave on all night, sometimes quite half an hour. You can use special socks for foot care, impregnated moisturizing and nourishing agents. Enough to wear these socks at night, and by morning the heel will become soft and smooth.

Maria Bykova

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