Forming your own personal style, one cannot do without manicure, this is a fact known to any woman. But know whether your nails, what is the perfect cover?

A truly high-quality varnish should not just perfect look. Agree, how much easier when coating lasts a long time, not forming cracks, keeping the Shine and smoothness up to two weeks. How pleasant to choose from a huge palette of shades – from juicy to bright pastel Matt. If you have dreamed about ideal Lak, look at shellac CND.

Excellent surface that attracts is all about this line of gel lacquers which creates a truly spectacular manicure.
The patented formula, which is shorter than can be described as a mixture of gel and Polish took the best from both.
Формула идеального маникюра
From the lacquer:

- bright rich colors
– resistance
– glossy Shine
– easy to remove, despite the presence in gel
– not overload

From gel:

- a record resistance
– ease of application
– no odor or allergens, which is especially important

Speaking about the colors for your manicure, we want to mention not only a rare variety of colors, but unusual colors, opening the way experimenters and courageous. Choosing Lac, you can find not only classic red, but pastel nude shades (from pinkish to corporal), elegant glossy, deep deep and exotic colors.

No doubt, such a palette to satisfy any fashionista.

It is also worth packaging varnish, which differs concise, but at the same time elegant style. Sometimes I want to look good not only nail Polish, but the bottle.
Формула идеального маникюра 2
Finally, remember that truly beautiful hand is the one which you want to keep. So take the first step today and create your perfect manicure.

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