Французская диета

The phrase “French diet” is directly associated with the fine women of the homeland of the Eiffel tower. And no wonder, because the author of the original method – French by birth and a nutritionist by profession Catherine Goursac. She is the author of methods of weight loss that lasts for 14 days. But if you follow the rules, you will see the results much sooner. By the end of the first week there is a chance to get rid of 3-4 kg, and the total weight loss may reach 6-8, and sometimes even 12 kg

Features and basic rules of the French diet

Many people confuse the French losing weight with the famous Dukan diet, because the author of the latter technique is also a Frenchman. However, the basis for its development Dr. Goursac put the principle of food combining. The menu consists mainly of protein and plant products that provide the body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and can provide the necessary feeling of satiety, which is so necessary to us during the period of follow various restrictive diets.

Strictly limited consumption of carbohydrates and fats – this will force the body to use its “NC” fat. Daily calorie intake – no more than 1200-1500 kcal. But before you happily start to losing weight, pay attention to important details and features of the methodology:

  1. This method of weight loss will be a good option diet in diabetes mellitus. Because patients with this diagnosis often suffer from excess weight, to deal with which is very problematic to starve them absolutely contraindicated. But the diet allows you to eat enough fruits contain fructose is a source of essential and safe carbohydrates for diabetics.
  2. Success largely depends on your discipline and organization. It is impossible to break the diet and replace recommended other products. But under the proposed you have the right to dream, to menu looked dull and monotonous.
  3. Completely excluded: salt, hot spices, sugar, juice, pastry and confectionery, alcohol. From dairy products is permitted only fat-free curds, and cheese. The liquid, on the contrary, it is advisable to drink in unlimited quantities – normal and non-carbonated mineral or weak green tea or PU-erh, useful properties which contribute to the activation of the slimming process.
  4. French diet allows you to eat lean, stewed, boiled and baked diet meat (veal, Turkey, chicken without skin and breast, rabbit). Fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood are also welcome. Eggs – within reasonable limits. Bread can only rye crackers or bread.
  5. To assuage hunger, eat between lunch and dinner salad, fruit or a few dried fruit. Half an hour before meals, you can drink some water, slightly acidulated with lemon juice. Don’t focus on food, do something interesting. Try to communicate more with friends and like-minded people, walk in the fresh air, practice exercises easy exercises. But the power loads better time off.

The method of losing weight is not a sample balanced diet, but still long enough. To repeat, it can not more than 1 time per year. It is advisable to visit a doctor and consult. And people with chronic diseases of internal organs – this must be done carefully.

Sample menu

Day 1

Breakfast: Cup of coffee, can of tea, but no sugar

Lunch: light salad of greens 1 tomato or cucumber, 2 (hard-boiled or soft-boiled) eggs

Dinner: beautifully put stewed or boiled beef (100 g), cut into thin slices on the lettuce

Day 2

Breakfast: Cup of coffee (without sugar) and a slice of dried black bread

Lunch: French onion soup with girlsgogames effect

Dinner: 100 grams of lean ham or sausage and lots of fresh herbs

Day 3

Breakfast: a small dark rye bread toast and a Cup of coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch: salad with 1 carrots, tomatoes (fried in vegetable oil) and 2 Mandarin

Dinner: will poblema doctoral sausage (100 g), add 2 boiled eggs and greens

Day 4

Breakfast: toast plain with a Cup of unsweetened coffee as always

Lunch: 1 raw or cooked carrots, 100 g low-fat cheese or cottage cheese and 1 egg

Dinner: a glass of natural yogurt or yogurt, any fruit (except bananas)

Day 5

Breakfast: grated 1 medium carrot, sprinkle with lemon or lime juice and seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil

Dinner: 1 cucumber or tomato, seafood cocktail or a small piece of steamed fish

Dinner: 100g grilled lean meat or poultry

Day 6

Breakfast: a quick drink coffee or tea, and forward – oxygen

Lunch: don’t forget to take a piece (100 g) cooked chicken or Turkey, wrapped it in leaves of lettuce and packaged in foil

Dinner: same as lunch or fish portion is still 100 g

Day 7

Breakfast: freshly brewed green tea

Lunch: 100 g baked in foil fish or meat, 1 pear, Apple or half of a grapefruit

Dinner: eat sausage or ham (100 g)

Next 7 days you can get a random menu, based on the above diet. No new products in the diet do not add, portions not zoom in and get used to unsweetened drinks in the morning.


Elena, 34 years. For example girlfriends decided to try the technique. Painfully she touted. But two weeks was I couldn’t do that survived the entire week. Lost 3 kg, but wanted to be honest, more. We had to tolerate, but I brought my infirmity. I think next time will increase the rate of weight loss to end.

Tatiana, 25 years. Now follow the French diet for the second time. Lost it 3 years ago 9,5 kg did not recover, but in recent times the weight started to come back. I hope this time will be able to cope with the problem. Already the third day, and the result is pleasant, 2 kg left. All the time you want to eat sweets, fruits do not save, but stand and drink water. It seems that last time was easier.


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