The gel nail is now very fashionable and modern way to make interesting and neat manicure, which will be held on nails at least a week and a half. But in order to accomplish this, you need to apply the gel nail, to know and to efficiently use the technology of application. There is nothing difficult in it don’t need the wizard.

The gel nail buy in special shop of cosmetics and manicure accessories, or ordered through the online store.
Гель-лак – это надежно и привлекательно3
So, the first thing is to prepare all the necessary procedures and sit back, so that the light is well covered nail plate and see all the small margin of error. You will need the base, the base color fixer result, degreaser, a cotton pad and UV lamp. The shape of the nails better rasp immediately before applying the gel lacquer. If the nails are painted with lacquer, it should erase it and then wipe them with alcohol, that there was no fat on him gel bad falls).

The technology of application of the gel lacquer.

The first step is to apply a thin layer to the entire surface of the nail base and dry literally half a minute in the UV lamp.

Next you need to cover the nails with a thin layer of the base color. Attention! Only a thin layer! At first, everything is not very nice and not somewhere will be gaps, but as it should be. After drying (2 minutes) it is necessary to repeat the application of the base layer. Two minutes will be enough to move to the next step.
Гель-лак – это надежно и привлекательно2
The last thing that should be on the nail is a fixer (gel finish). It is necessary to put a thin layer and dry for 2-3 minutes.

Then soaked in alcohol or in a special liquid cotton pads have to wipe the nails to remove sticky.

That’s the whole process. First, it may happen with irregularities, or a little fingers can necessita or something else. But everything comes with experience.

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