Manufacturers of cosmetics today does not count. But those who produces natural cosmetics, not so much. One of such firms is BIOSEA.

Cosmetics BIOSEA is safe for the skin, clean and carries the effectiveness of natural components. This cosmetics laboratory BIOSEA includes only natural ingredients without chemicals.

Algae. This store of minerals and active substances that are so necessary for your skin. Extracts of algae help tenderly care for your skin, smoothing and moisturizing it. The most important achievement of algae is the normalization of metabolism at the micro level.
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Vegetable oils are rich in fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. They stabilize the function of the cells of the skin, protect it from harmful impacts.

Essential oils. It is both antibacterial, immunostimulating, and antifungal. And essential oils have a regenerating properties. It is very important for restoration of the cells of skin tissue.

Plant extracts generated by pressing of the leaves, flowers, bark etc. to store a huge number of active substances, improve condition of the skin.
Floral water filled with aromatic plants themselves. Different water have different properties. Something is coming for softening and moisturizing, and something pores and helps fight defects of the skin.
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For the production of cosmetics BIOSEA used safest preservatives in a minimum quantity. For example, potassium sorbate, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, etc. Dyes and flavorings in cosmetic composition is also only natural origin.

All components and production technology are intended to preserve the skin and does not harm the body. Suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Article publication date: October 28, 2013

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