волосы на рукахAnyone can disturb the hair on your arms? Most likely because of who they are they are very dense and dark. Men may not pay attention to this “nothing”, but for women hairy arms can cause complexes. This problem is most likely common in dark-skinned, dark-haired women in the southern type, but there are exceptions when the hair on his hands is a sign of imbalance in the body. One way out, to combat excessive owolosenie, trying to rid overgrown arms forever.

Our body is completely covered with hair, but unlike the head, genitals and armpits, women have hair on the body is barely noticeable, light, soft and tiny. Hair we need to implement a normal heat transfer in order to protect the skin from cold – as nature intended. Are the unfortunate consequences of this atavism, when the woman at the hands of the outside of the forearm hair is very dark, long and thick. This is ugly, unattractive, contrary to the canons of modern beauty and does not allow you to feel free in the outdoor clothing. We are used to remove hair on the legs, underarms, bikini area, but about the hands they seldom think seriously. However, in case of need you can take up before hand.


What methods are not suitable for hands

Here everything is relative. You can shave off the hair on your arms, and another thing, what result will come out of it. The hair on your arms are generally much milder in its structure, hair than in other areas of the body, and if you apply the wrong hair removal technology, they can grow again, but will have a hard and even darkened.

It is strongly recommended not to shave off the hair on your arms, which will lead to the formation of even more rigid hair and ingrowth. Although this method seems to be the most available for this region it is not suitable. Also, you should not treat skin electroepilation, which will lead to ingrown hairs without due effect.

Also not recommended chemical hair removal or destruction of hair using the cream-special depilation. Hair after it will still grow, and during the procedure, the risk of occurrence of irritation to sensitive skin.

Classical laser hair removal is likely to be useless for hair removal on hands, because of the fact that they may not have pronounced dark pigment, which is focused laser beam.


Appropriate ways of hair removal on hands

Bioepilyatsiya (waxing and sugaring) among others, is one of the simplest, most common and effective methods of hair removal on hands. Of course, the hair will not disappear forever, they will start to grow again in two to three weeks. But unlike plucking and shave, after which the hard hairs in a couple of days appear above the surface of the skin, bioepilyatsiya deprived of such unpleasant consequences. After the wax and sugar hair removal hair grow thinner and softer since damaged their onion, not allowing them to grow as before. Waxing strips easy to do at home, without resorting to the help of professional and no risk.



Photoepilation – the removal of hair by using flash pulse of light. Unlike limited in its impact laser, IPL perfectly removes hair on his hands, and after some procedures can be rid of them forever. Photoepilation painless, when it is not necessary to process each thread, as if the laser, and the effectiveness of the procedure is very high, which is confirmed by numerous clients.



This is the newest type of hair removal hardware method affects hair different types of energy, combining all the advantages of laser, photo – and electrolysis. IPL-epilation is perfect for a quick and painless removal of soft lanugo and hard hair, which makes it virtually indispensable for epilation hands.



It is possible that you never come is this in my head, but dark hair on his hands, you can lighten. They look as if they vysvetlilas the sun. For clarification better to take a gentle composition, which must rinse with warm water immediately after the procedure. If you are interested in lightening the hair on my arms at home, you can try to regularly clean the skin with a solution of lemon juice.

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