волоски грудьHair growing on the chest of the stronger sex are considered a sign of manhood, if vegetation in one way or another expressed on the breast of a woman it can be a real tragedy. Hair on the breast, in the chest area, or to breast – annoying misunderstanding of mother nature, have in different ways, choosing the most effective and painless.


The hairs on the chest – is this okay

Rare vegetation that covers a person’s body is the norm, which is provided by nature. Of course, in the modern world fleet passion for excellence smooth skin without a single thread, this feature of the human body looks atavism, in fact, to them and being. We no longer need the hair on the body, so that, like the ancient people, to protect themselves from the cold. Therefore, we carefully rid of any manifestations of this legacy “warming”, by resorting to different methods of hair removal. Therefore, if we are talking about few hairs that grow a woman have in the chest area, or around the nipple – this is normal and should not be cause for concern.

Quite a different thing excessive vegetation. If hair a lot, they are thick, hard, it becomes the cause of complexes, it is not always possible to get rid of them, not missing a single thread. Moreover, after a routine of pulling out with tweezers in place of hair can be formed red sore bump, ingrowth, with which to fight the next step. Excessive vegetation on the chest is a reason to see a doctor to control hormonal background. Perhaps in the body there is a malfunction of the thyroid gland, or other disorders, congenital features (hirsutism – excessive hair growth) or it can be due to recent illness that requires immediate treatment.


Causes of hair on his chest

Heredity. With genetics is difficult to argue, it is necessary to struggle cosmetic means, as in this case. Sometimes the hairs on the chest of the woman is the inherent feature that is not an indicator of disorders in the body. But to be sure, does not prevent to pass medical examination.

Hormonal background. Vegetation on the chest, and increased hair growth in other places, can say that in the body there is a failure of hormonal background. Often it is either high levels of the male hormone testosterone, or hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. If the hairs on the chest remarks at yourself girl, residing in adolescence, it can be regarded as one of the variants of norm – hormonal changes, jump, which leads to such results. Normalization of hormonal background occur after a course of medication, and to take all measures to address underlying causes of the deviation, such as stress.

The medication. The course of treatment with certain drugs, such as hormonal and other, for example, antibiotics, can cause excessive growth of hair on the chest. It is easy to notice, and to stop hair growth should consult with your doctor propisanim medicines for cancellation or choice of alternative means.


How to get rid of hair on his chest

The ways to remove unwanted hair on the chest depend on many factors. Someone hairs much in others they are so rare that not especially bother, and then the problem is solved several movements tweezers. Some hairs are thin, the other a thick, dark, causing a variety of complexes when laid bare. If they are located around the areola or in himself, self plucking can be very painful and dangerous. You should think about other techniques that will get rid of the hair on the chest once and for all.

  • Mechanical depilation. Plucking and less shaving, are among the easiest and most common ways of getting rid of hair on his chest. Of the advantages of this method is the availability of the disadvantages – the pain, the short duration of the, ingrown hairs which grow even more rigid and dense. To shave off the hair from the chest is not necessary at all, you can hurt the tender skin and pull out better steamed skin after a bath or shower.
  • Laser hair removal. The laser beam effectively eliminates dark hairs, so if the problem is in them, then you can go on a course of laser hair removal. It may take several procedures, after which the hairs on the chest can be forgotten forever. Before laser hair removal it is necessary to ensure the absence of contraindications, which include pregnancy, diabetes, infectious diseases, tumor formation. You should not do laser hair removal hairs on the chest of the owners of dark skin to avoid clarified the skin.
  • Electrolysis is usually for today is one of the most popular ways of removing hair from the chest. The balance is affected by the discharge of electric current, destroying the hair follicle. Electrolysis is usually considered the method is simple, safe, but a long and painful.
  • IPL-epilation refers to the methods of the new generation, it combines all the advantages of other methods of hardware depilation. Applicator apparatus emits the energy of the high frequency of the light pulse and current, destroying the hair in the active growth phase. IPL-epilation of hair on the chest is very effective and has no painful sensations, effect overheat and, as a consequence, a small percentage of side effects.

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