In winter weather women require special attention and care. At that time, when it’s cold and scorching wind fully dominate the climate not only the skin, but also the nails require additional care and nutrition. Following some simple guidelines you can preserve the beauty and attractiveness of hands for a long time and without expensive cosmetics and trips to the beauty salon.
Уход за руками зимой3
Now, let us see what are these tips:

1) first of all, of course in the cold season must wear mittens or gloves, especially in windy weather, thus, protected from the weather conditions will be maximum,

2) be sure at least once a day do a hand massage, the easiest way is to just carefully kneading and rubbing of the brush. This will ensure blood flow to the skin surface, and thus accelerate the process of regeneration. When the massage is not superfluous to smear the hands of a simple baby cream – it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes skin,
Уход за руками зимой
3) try less contact with various household chemicals, wash the dishes with gloves to reduce the harmful effects to a minimum, or even buy cookware that is easy to clean and perfectly laundered gentle means.

Buy non-stick pans – perfect gift for any woman. Such pans are maintenance free, easy to use and will provide a healthy diet, because they can prepare almost no oil. Pans with non-stick coating – your key to health and beauty.
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Performing all these simple rules you can easily show off to her friends hydrated, beautiful and healthy skin, and in response to their questions enigmatic smile. And no wind or bad weather, coupled with household chemicals will not be afraid of the beauty of the hands.

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