The health of hair and nails significantly associated. Health and of those, and others, need an item such as calcium. And health, in turn, is needed, so that you can easily extend your hair and nails. Nails, extended by artificial means, always made the surrounding genuine admiration:

  • they are smooth and strong,
  • protect from influence of various external factors natural nail,
  • they can cover all sorts of varnishes, paint them or create them the pictures, decorate, at its own discretion.

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Acrylic nails are removed quite a simple way: it removes the free edge of the nail plate, then your fingers fall in a special liquid, which is the dissolution of acrylic.

Advantages hair extension

With regard to this procedure, as hair extensions then it’s worth doing because it is really beautiful. The results are amazing, and in just a few hours. Also a plus is that if your hair is really healthy, accrued under the pressure of its own weight will only strengthen hair follicles.

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My own hair, wear the extension will continue to grow. Thus safely minuetsya period, the average length». Have in mind when updo for long hair to make it is impossible, however, and short too, will not work. In other words, own hair will be to growth, covered by a third-party beauty.

What to be finished

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Of course, these methods on the creation of the shop there are cons and minor, and weighty. For example, the procedures to control the water you can swim. Chlorinated and sea water are prohibited. At night, the hair should be braid. With regard to the nail, then every two weeks after the procedure need to visit a wizard, so he put them in the proper form.

Article publication date: November 20, 2013

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