История бренда Isabel Marant

Agree that sometimes it is very interesting to learn the history of the origin of the large brand. Now about the brand Isabel Marant knows every fashionista. The shoes are of convenience, beauty and practicality, were able to win the hearts and, of course, the feet of a million women.

The desire to buy the sneakers of this brand are “on fire” even those girls who have not considered themselves to be fans of sports shoes. And so, let’s go back and see how did this brand.

Sneakers with wedge saw the light with the help of Parisian Isabel Marant. Famous designer immediately realized that the purpose of shoes is practicality and comfort. After graduating from design school, Isabelle started to work and soon became noticed by the leading designers of Paris – Claude Montand and Michelle Perry. In the result of joint work was released in a limited collection of jerseys, but, alas, created a line of clothing made waves.

However, work and patience the newly minted designer is soon rewarded. 1995 marked the first fashion show Isabel Marant, after which her name has become one of the leading fashion houses. Popular sneakers Isabel Marant have become thanks to the combination of trendy style and comfort. Having been awarded many prizes, the designer decided to open its first store, which became as a result favorite place of all wishing to purchase products Isabel Marant.

After some time since the brand Isabel Marant is recognizable and stable popularity among French consumers, it is the conquest of the “fashion of the masses” in other countries. As a result, the ability of the shoes Isabel Marant to combine seemingly incongruous, for example, using gentle evening dresses with sneakers, conquered the whole world.

A little about the products Isabel Marant

Undoubtedly, the main factor in design activity Isabel Marant is created by her shoes. Sneakers brand continue to gain in popularity. They combine fabrics of different colors and textures that suited a bold and confident young ladies. This Shoe can be combined with any styles and outfits. Designer Shoe line Isabel Marant defined by the naturalness of the way and open minded. The designer is confident that any woman should be has its own unique flavor, inherent only to her.

Shoes Isabel Marant is among the most ambiguous and non-standard decisions last season, which could strongly to win the hearts of women in France, America, Italy and many other countries.

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