The modern house cannot be imagined without the many things that make life comfortable. More and more people to the list of such things rank and icons. At the time of spiritual revival of the country and, of course, each person separately, this trend can not but rejoice. It’s nice that many people realize that we should care not only about the comfort of the outer, but the inner fullness of the soul.
Many believers don’t want to burden your home icons as something not functional, one of those “only dust collects”. And it is very vain. Positive energy emanating from icons, not only will bring peace and prosperity in the family, will fill with harmony of every soul, but also will be able to seamlessly fit into any interior, giving sophistication and comfort. At the same time want to keep and lovers of style “more”. Do not overload your space reproductions, images and Church attributes. In this case, you can only get the opposite effect of icons. The house is first of all the family hearth, there should sound prayer, but the service and Ordinances still happen in the churches. As in all the Bible commandments, you must observe the principle of hierarchy in the process of establishing icons in the house. Orthodox icons cheap to buy in bulk , you can inexpensively in temples, churches or even in a special Internet-stores.
Since ancient times, the huts were Red corner, who was considered an honorable place in the house. That aside this corner facing the incoming visitor to cross. In a modern house is also desirable to allocate a certain place for icons and not randomly hang them on the wall. Although it’s possible to have icons in different rooms – kitchen, children. To complement the “Holy place” can suspended lamp, switched on holidays.
Prayer near the “home” icon will make the atmosphere of the home is more favorable cleaner from worldly problems, blessed household.

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