Beautiful and well – groomed hands is an important detail of the image for any woman. Skillfully done, neat nails how would equate its possessor to the “caste” people who don’t have to do hard dirty work. In recent years, men also began to pay attention should their nails, visiting manicure salons.

Modern technologies of nail service opens huge opportunities for care and nail extensions. These funds have the same significance for nails as decorative and curative cosmetics for face.
Значимость и популярность ногтевого сервиса
The most applicable to the services, nail care include:
– manicure;
– pedicure;
– expansion and strengthening.

The word “manicure” is translated from Greek as “hand care”. This procedure is a cosmetic treatment of nails and skin on okolonogtevogo areas. Objectives manicure are:
– formation of a smooth and correct the nail plate;
– prevention of cracks and delamination on nails;
– coating varnish, rhinestones and sequins.

Pedicure is a word of French and means care of the feet. This procedure is care toes: polishing, painting and removal of corns and calluses. In recent years, pedicure is popular. More and more people realize that caring for toenails is not a luxury but a necessity. Beautiful well-groomed feet no less important than the careful hands. Moreover, many skin diseases on the legs can be prevented by regularly making pedicure done by a professional.
Значимость и популярность ногтевого сервиса3
Using a nail can be obtained without much effort, long beautiful nails. This procedure is carried out with application of the gel or acrylic. The nail plastics can be covered with lacquer neutral color or decorate a more vivid colours, using sequins and rhinestones. After extension, you must make monthly nail corrections.

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