увеличение объема губThe results of several surveys have shown that full sensuous lips give the face a more youthful appearance. Many noted that women with puffy lips look younger than those with thin lips and cringed. What to do if the nature has not given you such a «sugar lips»? Do not despair, as there are methods that make the lip augmentation possible, just choose the one that fits you personally.


Injections of fillers

Restylan (Restylane and Juvederm (Juvederm) belong to the category of cosmetic fillers, which are entered in the tissues of the lips to increase their volume. Such injections help to make lips fuller and sensual.

How efficiently these funds? Injections of fillers are considered to be relatively effective way, the essence of the procedure is the injections under the skin of the lips, the expert avoids falling environment in areas close to the line contours of the lips, to avoid the bumps and grooves. Hyaluronic acid in this case acts as the reference frame, which support and lift lips from the inside.

Lips are moving part of the body, so the effect of the introduction of the procedure lasts for six months, in some cases up to a year. Recently fillers based on collagen less and less used for lip augmentation, such as fillers have short-term effect and in a couple of months lips lose their shape and volume.


The lip augmentation implants

In not which way this method is similar to the procedure of introducing fillers, but in the capacity of filler is not collagen and silicone. The procedure is not cheap, but, nevertheless, very many of the increase of his lips it this way.

However, in case of complications or at the request of the client, dissatisfied with the results, you may need to remove the implants, there is a significant disadvantage of this method, as to make it quite difficult. The increase lip volume using implantov positioned as a method that provides long-term result, but in fact it lasts not longer than five years after the procedure.


The lip augmentation with fat tissue transplantation

The essence of the procedure is the following: from the hips or belly fat is sucked away by a special syringe (as for liposuction), and then inserted into the lip. In this case in the capacity of filler is used the cells of the patient’s own tissue, not foreign material.

Truly effective this method is difficult to call. About a few months the effect disappears, because many cells are significantly damaged during the transportation from one area to another. To achieve more lasting and significant impact specialists recommend to undergo several procedures.


Cosmetics for lip augmentation

  • Shine for increase

This cosmetic means not only give the lips of a beautiful luster, but visually increase their volume. After application of such glitter lips priuchayut and look more complete and extensive.

If you’re not a fan of salon and surgical procedures, such brilliance exactly what you need. As a «secret» component in such forms, as a rule, is capsicum, active substance, which is contained in the red spicy pepper. Contact capsicum with the tissues of the lips provokes the dilation of blood vessels, which in turn leads to a local swelling, which ultimately provides the effect of the increase lip volume.

After application of such brilliance, there is a slight tingling, we feel the same, if on the lips gets chilli, however, tingling Shine, much milder and more tolerable.

  • Anti-age lipstick

In this category of products includes not only lipstick, but glosses and even anti-wrinkle creams that are designed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and make them less noticeable. In such funds, as a rule, is based on collagen or hyaluronic acid, or both at once.

The effect of such lipstick similar to the effect of the cream of wrinkles, to some extent, the wrinkles are smoothed out, but do not disappear completely. Compared to «pervymi» glosses, such lipstick significantly lose.

  • Soothing glow

Smoothing glosses work, as well as makeup, they smooth surface of the lips and applied under lipstick.

A specific set of ingredients makes it means quite a long time to stay on the lips, not they minimize and not trestas. More than on the surface of the lips fine lines and wrinkles, the worse this tool does its job.


Useful tips

Before applying lipstick, necessarily treated lips exfoliating gel, this will help mitigate the lips and make them smoother. If you have no special scrub lips, just massage your lips a soft toothbrush, performing a circular motion. Then cover your lips with a thin layer of light powder, so you remove excess liquid and prepare lips to further makeup.

Don’t forget about contour. Even the always perfect looking celebrity can not boast a perfect symmetrical lip contour. Lip pencil allows you to make the lips are not only beautiful form, but also additional volume. Try to trace the outline of her lips with a firm hand, but rather soft and smooth movements. Circle lips on the inner edge, and on external the mouth will look more expressive and sensual.

Again slightly powder lips and point motion apply lipstick, gently smoothing her fingers. Blot with a cloth and apply a second layer of lipstick. In the Central zone of the lips and external corners of the mouth apply a small amount of iridescent luster, this will create the illusion of more full and sensual lips.

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