Job masters of nail service associated with a risk for vision, especially in the artistic decoration of the nails, removal of cuticle and other delicate work. Therefore, special importance in the organization of the workplace manicure Cabinet is to create optimal light levels.

In the office there should be natural light, the main and additional light. Often, for better and safe performance of the work used lamp with a magnifying glass. Additional lamp, whether with a magnifying glass or not, must be present on the desktop of the master, regardless of the level of primary or natural lighting. I recommend you to visit the beauty salon, which follows the rules and provides only high quality services — then you will understand what will be discussed in given article.

Table lamp

For illuminating the work area, use the following types of lamps:

Bulb. This is the budget table lamps. They have a short lifetime, low cost and low quality of light. Because of the lighting quickly tired eyes, it is not recommended to use masters with a big boot for work.

Halogen bulb. These lamps differ from incandescent lamps only extended life and value. The quality of light here low.

A fluorescent lamp. Correctly selected power fluorescent lamps provide good lighting with low power consumption and long service life.

Lamp-magnifier. The device is ergonomic, easy to use, consume little power, no heat. They are used with fluorescent lamps or LEDs. Built-in magnifier allows you to perform fine work, identify minor injuries and other problems on the nails and periungual area.

Use table lamps when performing manicure decoration nail has the following advantages:

  • small size;
  • reasonable price;
  • creating a comfortable environment when performing a manicure, irrespective of brightness of natural light;
  • longevity of operation;
  • mobility;
  • the possibility of adjusting the position, the height of the lamp and direction of light.

It is important to understand that the presence of a table lamp on your desktop nail artists is one of the main demands of the workplace and the condition of the quality of the manicure.

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