The Latest Baffling Instagram Beauty Trend Involves Hair Extensions For Your Nostrils

The Latest Baffling Instagram Beauty Trend Involves Hair Extensions For Your Nostrils

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A post shared by GretChen Chen (@gret_chen_chen) on Oct 4, 2017 at 12:39pm PDT

Instagram beauty trends are rarely for the faint of heart, with recent examples including squiggle brows (and their even freakier cousin, squiggle lips), feather brows, glitter tongues, bubble masks, and so much impractical nail art it’s a wonder anyone can even physically do their makeup anymore. Mostly they’re fun, if wildly impractical, but this latest one has many of us thinking perhaps we’ve finally gone too far in the pursuit of likes. What, you ask, could inspire such a feeling? Nostril hair extensions, that’s what.

That’s right, extensions for your nose hairs have officially landed, and for some inexplicable reason, they’re blowing up Instagram. The trend appears to have been started by @gret_chen-chen, whose spider-inspired nasal cavities have garnered hundreds of likes (and several ambitious imitators) since being posted five days ago.

I couldn’t not try the @gret_chen_chen nose hair extension trend… I also added lip lashes. ? Tutorial soon! #nosehair #nosehairextension #nosehairextensions #nostrilhair #nostrilhairextensions #extensions #noseextension #noseextensions #nostrilextensions #nose #fakelashes

A post shared by Davison (@davisonvideo) on Oct 6, 2017 at 7:41pm PDT

So, uh, is this a joke? A feminist statement about body hair? The first time we’ve collectively garnered beauty inspo from middle-aged men? Or just a bunch of people who are bored and have too many pairs of fake eyelashes lying around?

As with most viral Instagram beauty trends, the “why’s” generally aren’t as important as the “how’s”, and in this case, copping the embellished nostril look seems to be as easy as deconstructing a pair of false eyelashes, gluing them around the inside of your nose (ouch?), and then, duh, taking a picture of the whole spidery situation and sharing it. Oh, and pray you don’t have to sneeze.

While it seems unlikely that this trend will make it to the streets anytime soon, be prepared to see it—and probably some even freakier style statements—on your feed. And if you’re still actively trimming your nose hairs, well, I guess you can probably stop?



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